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Nurse Offers Interesting Solution For Parents Who Don’t Want To Vaccinate Their Kids

“Yes, we tell you to get vaccinated to protect yourself, but it’s so much bigger than that.”


Vaccination continues to be a major issue for parents and medical professionals. Some people still refuse to vaccinate their children due to myths about vaccines. To prove a point, one nurse decided to offer a solution for those who are wary of vaccination. Her post has since gone viral for interesting reasons.

Meggy Doodle is a nurse in Monterey, California. Frustrated with people insisting that vaccination is just a scam, Doodle decided to give skeptics another option. She wrote that anyone who doesn’t trust doctors to vaccinate their children should consider not going to the hospital for other medical reasons.

This nurse isn’t impressed with your argument for refusing vaccination.

Doodle pointed out that people who think “Big Pharma” just wants to cash in on an unnecessary medication should be allowed to do so. However, they shouldn’t expect any help from medical professionals.

“If they think that ‘Big pharma’ is just trying to turn a profit or poison us all… they should be allowed to believe that. But the caveat to that is this: Then they should NOT go to the doctor or the hospital when they get sick, looking for treatment.”

The nurse wrote that “Big Pharma” is responsible for all types of medication. In line with that, there would be no point in going to the hospital.

“It’s not just about YOU.”

It’s an amazing post from a medical expert. Doodle just wants people to know that vaccination is not a tool to make more money.

“Everything has risks. Everything has side effects. Medicine is not perfect,” she wrote. Doodle added that “science has PROVEN [that vaccination is] the most effective method of controlling the spread of disease.

Do you think that this nurse has a point? Should people continue to refuse vaccines for their own children? Or is it time to submit to vaccination? Let us know in the comments below.


Mom Refuses To Vaccinate Her Children, Says They’re “Protected By Jesus”

“I know faith helps you walk the righteous path.”

With alarming reports about measles outbreaks in Europe, United States, Madagascar, and the Philippines, people are becoming more aware about the importance of vaccination. Besides, measles is completely preventable and it doesn’t have to claim young lives if parents will just do their job.

The sad fact of the matter, however, is that there are still some who believe that vaccines are entirely unnecessary and there are even those who claim it causes autism among children. The World Health Organization has since appropriately named anti-vaxxers as one of the world’s top health threats.

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Mom Explains Why She Won’t Vaccinate Her Kids After Her Own ‘Extensive Research’

The wife of Aussie rugby league star Bryce Cartwright says after doing some research, not vaccinating is the best way forward.

Many medical professionals have been stressing the importance of vaccinations for a long time. However, one mother insists that she has done all of the research about vaccines and has decided she will never vaccinate her own children. The pregnant mom also revealed that she will not be using diapers on her unborn baby.

Shanelle Cartwright confirmed her plans for her children on social media. The wife of Australian rugby player Bryce Cartwright stated that vaccines can actually harm people’s immune systems. Shanelle admitted that she and her husband have been previously vaccinated but still suffer from “allergies and auto-immune disorders”. Because of this, she has opted not to be immunized further and will never vaccinate her children.

The Cartwrights are choosing not to vaccinate their kids after extensive research.
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Measles Brought Back To Costa Rica By Unvaccinated French Tourist

The health ministry is currently scrambling to find people who may have been infected by the young boy.

Five years ago, Costa Rica declared that it is free of measles. However, it only took one unvaccinated young tourist to bring the disease back to the country. A young French boy visiting with his family is the first case of the disease in Costa Rica since 2014.

The unnamed boy reportedly arrived in Costa Rica on February 18. He and his mother have not received the MMR vaccine when they arrived in the country. According to reports, the five-year-old was taken by his parents to a private doctor complaining about a “rash.” However, it was later revealed that other children who had attended the boy’s school in France have come down with measles. This means the child may have already been infected by the time he reached Costa Rica.

The boy may have been infected in his school in France because he was not vaccinated.

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Anti-Vaxxer Seeks Advice For Unvaccinated Child During Measles Outbreak, Internet Delivers

“Have you tried thoughts and prayers?”

People are still divided when it comes to vaccination. Although most people are choosing vaccine, some are still keeping their children from the method. Interestingly, one anti-vaxxer found herself needing advice in keeping her unvaccinated child safe during a measles outbreak. She asked for help on the internet and netizens immediately delivered.

The anti-vaxxer posted her dilemma on a Facebook group Vaccine Education Network: Natural Health Anti-Vaxx Community. She revealed that she is looking for ways to protect her unvaccinated three-year-old during a measles outbreak in their area. Naturally, it didn’t take long before people started responding to the post.

People couldn’t get enough of the irony in the anti-vaxxer’s post.

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7 Facts You Should Know About Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection

HPV is more common than you think.

Today, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are fairly common. However, not everyone is well adept with these infections, how they are transmitted and if they’re curable.

The most common STD across the globe is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. HPV affects about 79 million people in the United States alone.

It is the known culprit in the development of one of the deadliest cancers in women, cervical cancer. Learning more about this illness will help many women and even men, to prevent the infection and protect themselves against the disease causing-pathogen.

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