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Nine Maine Hospital Nurses Are Pregnant At The Same Time





Maine Medical Center has nurses asking what’s in the water after nine of them announced they’re pregnant. The expecting moms are all pregnant at the same time and are all due to give birth between April and July.

The hospital announced the bonanza of babies with a Facebook post on Monday featuring eight of the nine nurses and their respective bumps. The colleagues plan to support one another in their deliveries.

The Maine Medical Center posted:

“How’s this for a baby boom? Nine of our nurses (8 of whom are in this photo) are expecting babies between April and July! Congratulations!”

In the photo, the women are holding up signs with their due dates. The woman holding two signs doesn’t have two due dates and isn’t expecting twins. She’s holding a sign for the ninth woman who is not shown in the photo.

Nurse Erin Grenier said:

“After each one of us started to say, ‘We’re pregnant,’ I think it was a happier announcement each time, and we’re all there for each other.”

The nurses shared that having such a huge support system is constantly reassuring.

Nurse Amanda Spear said:

“It’s really nice coming to work and seeing other people who are just as pregnant and watching their bellies pop and just talking about these experiences that we are going through together.”

Finally, all nine pregnant nurses took a picture flaunting their baby bumps and wearing their hospital scrubs.

While some of the nurses are second-time or even fourth-time moms, others are first-time moms. But working on the Labor and Delivery floor has prepared each of them for what to expect and how to be there for each other when the time comes.

The hospital shared on Facebook that it is already preparing for the time when all the expecting moms take their maternity leaves. They have 80 registered nurses working in the labor and delivery unit, so they noted that there’s nothing to worry about.

“Don’t worry!” The hospital said in a comment. “We have a plan.”

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