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Nicki Minaj Tells Fans With Good Grades She’ll Pay Off Their College Fees – And So She Did

What a generous human being!

Singer-rapper Nicki Minaj first rose to popularity with her hit singles “Super Bass” and “Starships” and she’s been a staple in the music industry since. Little did people know that aside from being musically talented, the award-winning artist has also been blessed with a good heart.

Recently on Twitter, Nicki offered to pay international airfare “for contest winners (who would get to spend time with her at the Billboard music awards in Las Vegas),” a Bored Panda feature tells us.

One fan, however, came out of nowhere and asked “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?”

Nicki Minaj recently surprised fans with a contest on Twitter – show your straight A grades and she’ll pay off your college fees!

Much to everyone’s surprise, Nicki not only replied ‘yes’ but even invited other needy fans to tweet their straight A grades and school confirmation so she can pay for their college tuition, student loans, and other school-related fees.

Nicki ended up helping 30 current and former students with the promise of responding to more requests in one or two months time.

Suffice it to say that we’re just totally blown away by this girl’s generosity.

Check out the Twitter exchanges between Nicki and her lucky fans below:

Nicki Minaj surprised fans on Twitter with this one-of-a-kind offer.

All countries included!

A 17-year-old summer MIT program student needed $350.

Problem solved!

A medical school student likewise needed financial assistance.

Another was a newbie in college and needed help paying for the next three years.

$500 tuition left now covered, thanks to the ‘Super Bass’ star.

$1,000 for 3 summer classes? No worries


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Just because you have married someone doesn’t mean that you have found the best person to be with. Unfortunately for others, the changes that may come after marriage is something that they cannot deal with in the long run. It’s a good thing for those who really know within themselves that they have found someone who’s worth keeping and sacrificing for.

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Italian Beauty Queen Bares Disfigured Face Since Acid Attack Caused by Ex-Boyfriend.

This beautiful woman was attacked by her boyfriend by throwing acid on her face.


'Acid violence is a worldwide phenomenon that is not limited to any religion,color, race or national origin.' There are thousands of victims or patients of acid attack all over the world but as the numbers continue to grow, many such cases are still left unaccounted for. More victims of violent assault are too afraid to come forward, identify or even bring their perpetrators to justice because of fear, discrimination and psychological trauma.

But not Gessica Notaro. As posted by Shared, the 27-year-old Italian beauty queen has a promising life ahead of her and a thriving career as an aquatic worker. But everything took a bad turn when her relationship with then boyfriend Jorge Edson Tavares ended. Tavares, who denied the accusations, allegedly went to Notaro's house and ambushed her. Her jilted ex had acid thrown in her face, leaving it disfigured. She had to be confined in a hospital room for months, was only allowed to talk to her visitors through a window glass and her mom had to be sterilized first before she could enter the room.

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