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When Your New Smartphone Just Happens to be A Robot…

What would life be like…


Our smartphones do everything for us these days. Its our go-to gadget to find information, connect to loved ones and family, organize our schedules, manage our social media lives, find love, complete work, get an education, locate our destination, take pictures and video, and even run our home’s other appliances and gadgets.

Smartphones make our lives so much easier, we could easily consider them being an almost-human necessity in our lives.

Which is exactly what Sharp thought when it re-imagined our smartphones as robots.

Meet the smartphone of the future…

1009 robohon 2

Photo credit: Martyn Williams

The Japanese tech manufacturer went and created a robot smartphone to serve as your next best friend.

RoBoHoN is a 19.5 cm. (7.6) tall robot smartphone as large as your averaged-sized phablet, only with a head, hands and feet.

Not your typical everyday smartphone, but soon. Very soon…

1009 robohon 3

Photo credit: Gizmodo

Complete with all the usual smartphone specs, including an LCD display, a 1.2Ghz quad-core processor, an alarm clock, a mic, a speaker, a camera, as well as text, call and email capabilities. RoBoHoN also has Wi-Fi, LTE, and 3G support, and features a digital personal assistant, a taxi hailer app, and even a movie and image projector.

RoBoHoN is friendly little fellow that’ll tell you jokes, and is sometimes sarcastic. The almost-human gadget even talks, prances around your desk, and will even partner you in a dance (you’ll have to ask it politely first, of course).

It will even babysit your kid…or at the very least teach her to walk…

1009 robohon 5

Photo credit: Engadget

Best of all, RoBoHoN’s facial recognition system means it will recognize your face from an endless sea of humanity. Do you even have a friend that can do all that?

Functioning as your secretary, RoBoHoN will respond to your voice command to call someone in your Contacts, and prompt you with an impatient “hey, there’s a call for you,” when someone rings.

Pssst…its your girlfriend…the other girlfriend…

1009 robohon 6

Photo credit: Engadget

It’ll even look at an amazing skyline with you and agree that, yes, that is a “beautiful sunset.”

Watch the video:

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if you’re looking to find an animated electronic gadget to double as your smartphone and your best friend, gloating out at the whole world out of your pocket or your handbag, Sharp will be launching the RoBoHoN sometime in early 2016…

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