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Second Human Who Got Moderna’s “95% Effective” Vaccine Says Only Side Affect Is A “Slightly Sore Arm”




  • Neal Browning, a volunteer for Moderna’s vaccine trials, described that getting injected felt similar to a flu shot.
  • He said he did not experience any side effects aside from having a “slightly sore arm.”

As we get closer and closer to a publicly-available cure against the coronavirus, one of the first volunteers in the Moderna Inc trials has shared the side effect of receiving the vaccine.

Asked what it felt like, he said that he experienced no issues aside from “waking up with a slightly sore arm” so people really have nothing to worry about.

46-year-old Neal Browning, the second human to be injected with the Moderna vaccine.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, he explained:

“Because I was in the early trial they went ahead and gave us the dose and had us stay in the clinic for an hour or so to make sure there was no really adverse reactions as this had previously not been given to animals, let alone humans.

It’s similar to a flu shot.

“The second injection was four weeks late,” he continued. “Both times I experienced no issues other than waking up with a sore arm – very slightly sore – the next morning. Just like a regular flu shot.”

“The risks seem minimal compared to what the benefits to the world could do,” Browning likewise pointed out. “There’s no chance of actually catching Covid-19 from this because there’s no part of the virus in this vaccine.”

Browning also clarified that he did not receive any compensation from the Massachusetts-based biotechnology company since he presented himself as a volunteer for the project.

Meanwhile, Moderna said that initial analysis of the experimental vaccine shows it is “nearly 95 percent effective at preventing illness, including severe cases,” reported the WashingtonPost.

Watch this interview to learn more:

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