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New NASA Footage Shows The Sun In Ultra-High Definition – And It’s Mind-Blowingly Awesome!

Honestly, I can watch this for hours!


You may already be aware that NASA has recently uploaded tons of Moon mission photos, possibly debunking conspiracy theorists for good. In case you haven’t seen the hi-res photos yet, we recommend you go check out the Project Apollo Archive.

Well, it seems the space organization isn’t done just yet as they pull another surprising trick up their sleeves.

Last November 1, NASA uploaded an awesome ultra-high definition video of the sun. The 30-minute footage was taken by Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft and it’s absolutely glorious.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has been capturing stunning images of the sun since 2010.


Photo credit: NASA

SDO was first launched in 2010 and its task, as the name denotes, is to observe the sun 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So far, it has managed to capture images in ten wavelengths in different solar material temperature.

Now NASA has put the images together and released the stunning video on YouTube, giving us the chance to appreciate the celestial body’s beauty without ever damaging our eyes.

As the video description tells us:

“It’s always shining, always ablaze with light and energy. In the ubiquity of solar output, Earth swims in an endless tide of particles. Every time half of the Earth faces the Sun, we experience the brightness of daytime, the Sun’s energy and light driving weather, biology and more. But in space, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) keeps an eye on our nearest star 24/7. SDO captures images of the Sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. In this video we experience images of the Sun in unprecedented detail captured by SDO. Presented in ultra-high definition video (4K) the video presents the nuclear fire of our life-giving star in intimate detail, offering new perspective into our own relationships with grand forces of the solar system.”

Hit the play button here:

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Honestly, I can watch this for hours!

The sun is such a beauty plus I love the fact that they added cool music from the ‘Deep Venture’ an album by German artist Lars Leonhard.

Awesome job, NASA guys. Keep exploring!


H/T: IFLScience


Medical Research Offers Big Bucks if You Inject Yourself With Ebola Virus

If you dare, that is!

If you are broke and are looking for an opportunity to earn quick bucks, here’s something you might want to check out. Or probably not!

Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) recently invited interested individuals to participate in their medical research for a paycheck of £750 (roughly around US$1,160). What would they ask you to do? Well, they will inject you with Ebola.

The requirement set by HMR is that the person should be physically healthy and is between the ages 18 through 65. According to the ad they posted on the Evening Standard, they are looking for people that are “interested in helping medical research into a vaccine for Ebola and being paid for (it).”

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China Plans to Build Super-Giant Particle Collider, Will it Possibly End the World?

Chinese scientist have already confirmed the completion of the colossal particle collider!

The biggest nation is planning to build a colossal machine that can possibly harm not just men, but may also potentially destroy the universe!

Chinese scientists have recently confirmed the completion of the initial conceptual design of a colossal particle collider which is probably the biggest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world.


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US Navy Unveils Ship-Based Laser Weapon That Can Target Moving Boats And Aircrafts

Just like sci-fi flicks and video games!

Believe it or not, the United States Navy already has a laser weapon that can destroy moving targets.

I know that sounds very sci-fi-ish but it’s true. The weapon has already been introduced to the public and its capabilities are really quite astonishing.

First and foremost, the 30-kilowatt laser weapon is ship-based and navy officials are claiming that it can hit speeding boats or aircraft with amazing accuracy. The technology was first demonstrated at the Persian Gulf to show its power.

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