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Government Office Turns Away Woman Born Without Legs For Wearing Shorts




  • Nancy Torrelino Boroc of Calbayog, Samar was barred from entering the Bureau of Internal Revenue office.
  • The security guard told her wearing shorts isn’t allowed there and she has to comply – even if she was born without legs.
  • Nancy later shared about the bizarre experience on Facebook and it went viral from there.

A woman born without legs recently went viral on social media after sharing how she experienced discrimination upon visiting a government office. 27-year-old Nancy Torrelino Boroc of Samar, Philippines always wears shorts because of a congenital orthopedic disability.

So you can just imagine her shock and surprise when she and her boyfriend were stopped by a security guard as they were about to enter the Calbayog office of Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). The reason? She was wearing shorts.

According To Nancy, the guard told her that wearing shorts isn’t allowed in the place, citing a “new memorandum.”

She asked if that included her, considering her physical condition, and the guard rudely said there are no exceptions, even if she was wearing shoes.

Nancy would eventually take her frustration online by writing about it on Facebook.

Her post reads:

“He knows I don’t have feet and I can only wear shorts because I’m a PWD (person with a disability). How can I wear long pants? What can they not understand?”

Nancy and her boyfriend decided to head home instead and later returned in the afternoon to “try our luck again,” she said in a Coconuts Manila interview. This time, the same security officer didn’t stop them from entering. When they got inside, Nancy noticed other people were wearing shorts and slippers anyway!

Despite the incident, Nancy did not file a complaint against the government office. In her social media post, she said she only wants to raise awareness about the discrimination that people with disabilities experience on a regular basis.

The post immediately went viral and numerous netizens have since expressed support for Nancy. Many also pointed out that what the guard did was obviously wrong.

“Let’s speak to that guard. I’m mad,” one commenter wrote.

So far, BIR Calbayog has not issued any statements regarding the incident.

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