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Mysterious Concrete Arrows With No Definite Historical Background Found In America





Odd concrete arrows have been reported all over the United States and they have left travelers and history buffs wondering about what these arrows mean. These gigantic arrows were seen sitting around the desert of American Southwest.

The length of the arrows are up to 70-foot in diameter. Each one is found in an isolated area, which obviously served a purpose in the past.

Understanding what these signs are has been an adventure for many history enthusiasts.

Source: CNN Travel

They traced the arrows, and they discovered that they form a line around the country and have a definite direction. You can only see the path of the arrows in an aerial view, so each of the mysterious arrows in isolation can leave travelers puzzled on what it really is.

These arrows were accidentally discovered by a Canadian couple.

Source: CNN Travel

Brian and Charlotte Smith, a couple from Canada, found these arrows while driving around the deserts of the United States. As a former genealogy researcher, Charlotte was intrigued that she had no idea about the existence of the arrows. It got her attention that she started researching on the internet but she found no information available about it.

To share their discovery worldwide, photographs of the arrows were featured on the couple’s website.

Source: CNN Travel

History buffs who have stumbled across the site started their own quest of finding other arrows in their areas. Photographers showed interest and sought to collaborate with the couple once they discovered similar arrows.

The giant arrows were made up of combined cement, limestone, and sand.

Source: CNN Travel

The arrows have faint color which looks like it was painted with yellow before. The distance of each arrow apart from one another were as far as 25 miles. They can be spotted on Google Maps if the right coordinates are keyed in.

According to the Journal of Air Traffic Control, these arrows were built around 1920s.

Source: CNN Travel

With no existing satellites and GPS, these arrows served as a navigation guide for the US airmail system. However, other sources stated that the arrows have no association with the US Post office. With these contradicting beliefs, its existence will remain a mystery until more details and proofs start to surface.

Currently, the public recognizes the need to preserve the remaining arrows.

Source: CNN Travel

The authorities are planning to maintain the remaining arrows as historical artifacts for the years to come.

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