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12 Badass Movie ‘Facts’ Debunked

You will never see movies the same way again!


As entertaining as it might be to watch your favorite blockbuster films, you really wouldn’t want to be gullible enough to believe everything you see on the big screen (or your TV screen, perhaps – your choice!).

Sure, there are movies that are obviously crafted out of the filmmakers’ wild imaginations such as fantasy (Lord of The Rings, Harry potter, etc), science fiction (Star Wars, Avatar), and the countless superhero flicks that we have these days (Iron Man, Man of Steel).

It remains a fact, however, that even the most fantastical flicks have some elements of truth in them. Still, you want to view certain things with skepticism so as not to be deceived by some lies.

Yes, there are movie “lies” out there intended to make scenes more dramatic and make heroes more heroic.

Thanks to Lenya Brick of Brightside, we can now see some of these movie myths debunked for good – “from badass shooting with multiple guns to restarting hearts at the last second, these cliches don’t hold much weight in the real world,” the Brightside article tells us.

Go scroll down and enjoy!

Movie myth #1: The chloroform

Myth #1:

Movie myth #2: The grenade’s pin

Myth #2:

Movie myth #3: Reporting a missing person

Myth #3:

Movie myth #4: The asteroid belt

Myth #4:

Movie myth #5: Drowning

Myth #5:

Movie myth #6: Shooting with two guns

Myth #6:

Movie myth #7: Forensics

Myth #7:

Movie myth #8: Silencers

Myth #8:

Movie myth #9: The padlock

Myth #9:

Movie myth #10: Tracing a phone call

Myth #10:

Movie myth #11: Skydiving conversations

Myth #11:

Movie myth #12: Defibrillator

Myth #12:

So there you go. The next time you visit a movie house, be sure to take some things with a grain of salt. Not everything you see is real!


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This nonsensical 1-minute song has become one of the most viral videos in recent times with more than 4.5 million views on YouTube!

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