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Man Engulfed in Flames After Using His Cellphone While Filling His Tank at Gas Station





Every time you go to a gas station to fill up your gas tank, do you pay particular attention to the safety signage posted near the pumps? Do you turn your engine and mobile phone off or just completely ignore those reminders?

Gas station owners put up warning signs all over their establishments for people to read and obey. After all, those simple instructions are there to keep us safe from danger. But, how many of us take the time to follow those directions?

A CCTV footage from a petrol station in the southern city of Hyderabad, India was able to capture a terrifying moment when a male motorcyclist was covered in flames while having his tank filled with gas.

This guy came to the station for a gas refill.


Photo credit: entrans/ Daily Mail

The unnamed rider placed his phone on the vehicle’s dashboard. But his cell phone rang, and it triggered an explosion that rapidly set his motorbike in flame.

Like many others, he ignored the sign and kept his mobile phone on.


Photo credit: entrans/ Daily Mail

The shocked rider immediately dismounted and pulled the burning vehicle away from the pumps. Everyone scurried away from the site, but the quick-witted attendants came back to extinguish the fire; hence, preventing a more serious and fatal disaster.

The man was eventualy engulfed in flames.

Photo credit: entrans/ Daily Mail

Fortunate, he was able to leave the scene unscathed.

This incident clearly shows why it is important to obey the internationally accepted pieces of advice posted on petrol stations: do not smoke, turn your engines off, and TURN YOUR CELL PHONES OFF.

Remember: Safety First.

Watch the video here:

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H/T: Daily Mail


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