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This Guy Went to a Gas Station Toilet. What He Saw Inside Blew His Mind!





Whenever you feel the call of nature, you will usually look for a decent bathroom which you can use. And I am sure, a gas station will never be your first option not unless you are on a road and you have no choice since the next decent comfort room would be miles away. If you feel the need to go, you have to go. Right? But like any public comfort room, you would expect that a gas station is dirtier and smellier because most of them are not properly cleaned and maintained. The owners don’t usually spend much money for the maintenance since they know it will only be used by anyone, mostly people who are not even their customers. Some toilets don’t even have running water and tissues.

Not until you watch this video, it definitely took the concept of a gas station toilet to the next level! Jason Godfrey, the man who took the video, admitted that he was not fond of using toilets in gas stations because he already knew they are poorly maintained. But when he went inside this particular comfort room, he was shock with what he saw! It was certainly not what he has expected.

Watch the amazing video!

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I wish all gas stations will have this kind of bathroom. Please don’t forget to share, who knows some gas station’ owners will see this and they might decide to upgrade theirs.

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