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Despite Cold Treatment, Mother Travels Two Hours Everyday To Bring Daughter Food





A mother’s love is the greatest thing in the world. No matter what, she will make a way to take care of her children, even if they’re all grown-up already.

When we need help, she’s the one who will face the odds just to come to our aid. A 70-year-old mother in Singapore has proven that a mother’s unconditional love can’t be replaced.

She travels two hours each day to visit and bring food to her widowed daughter, only to get cold treatment.

Her daughter would not open the door and sometimes, the poor lady is seen by neighbors knocking for hours, pleading to come inside. It was reported that her daughter never left her flat since her husband died. Concerned about her daughter, she travels every day just to make sure her daughter have something to eat.

The neighbors at Bedok Reservoir Road HDB in Singapore saw the woman knock for hours and told her that the owner might not be around. However, the old lady was certain that her daughter is inside and won’t open the door because she is grieving the loss of her husband. Each day, the mother would arrive at 4 p.m. and leave at 6 p.m., with food on her hand.

It has been going around for three years now.

The old lady said:

“She hasn’t been leaving the house by herself ever since her husband’s death. If I don’t come over, how would she get food for herself?”

Sometimes, the daughter would open the door.

One time, they saw the old woman rest on a bench outside the building. She returned at 6 p.m. and knocked again. This time, a skinny and frail woman can be seen by the doorway. The old woman happily hands the food to her daughter and chats for a while, even if her daughter barely responds. After about 30 minutes, she bids goodbye and leaves happily.

We sure hope the daughter realizes the sacrifice of her mother to ensure she’s okay.

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