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10 of the Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

Most of these creatures are actually territorial.

It is worth noting that not all animals in this world are considered dangerous. However, some of them are indeed equipped with abilities that make them a threat to humans. Hence they are called “wild” animals. Interestingly, their appearance says otherwise. They can look cute and friendly, but once agitated, expect a deadly retaliation.

Below are common creatures that are actually dangerous in one way or another. Check them out!

#10. Beaver

Source: Pixabay

This creature is widely known for its nearly-human skill at felling trees and manipulating waterways. Apparently, it is territorial and defensive. It will not hesitate to use its razor-sharp teeth.

#9. Whale

Source: Pixabay

Marine mammals like whales have grown a special place in our hearts. In fact, most of us will consider them friendly and peaceful creatures. But believe it or not, whales – particularly the short-finned pilot ones – are to be feared. They tend to display scary behaviors like jaw snapping, a thing they love to do when they’re around humans.

#8. Deer

Source: Pixabay

This plant-eating creature possesses powerful hooves and massive antlers, all of which can inflict grievous wounds. And it will not hesitate in using its might whenever another animal – and even human – crosses its territory.

#7. Red Fox

Source: Pixabay

They might be small compared to wolves, but this type of canine possesses more threat to humans. Widely deemed cunning, a red fox often considers human beings potential preys. It will first stalk its victims and as soon as it finds an opening, it will charge.

#6. Raccoon

Source: Pixabay

This one here is an example of “mass power.” A single raccoon can be neutralized, but if they attack as a group, you can expect the worse. Their power can actually be compared to a small bear. Equipped with powerful claws and sharp teeth, they can easily dismember their prey.

#5. Red-Backed Jumping Spider

Source: Wikipedia

An arachnid that is native to the Western North America, this spider sports a distinctive red abdomen. Known for its incredible speed, it is capable of disabling its prey in seconds. Its nasty bite is enough to cause massive swelling and intense pain.

#4. Catfish

Source: Pixabay

Catfish is known for its razor-sharp spines, which have potent toxins. When these are injected, its prey faces death in no time. Some of its aftereffects are irritation, swelling, nausea, and weakness – all of which can last for days.

#3. Parrot

Source: Pixabay

Yes, do not be fooled by its intelligence and appearance. A parrot’s bite is extremely powerful. This bird is even deemed hostile, as it can sometimes display scary behavior.

#2. Wild Geese

Source: Pixabay

They are called wild geese for a reason. They are among the creatures on this planet that give so much importance to their territories. Invade their home and expect their quick retaliation. Their attacks can often lead to broken bones and flesh wounds.

#1. Hyenas

Source: Pixabay

Being attacked by a hyena is without a doubt the worst day of your life. They are equipped with an astounding biting power. Considered aggressive territory defenders, hyenas will immediately attack trespassers.


19 Hysterical Animal Comics That Will Make Your Day

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Truth be told, there’s something fascinating about the animals and their natural ways. For some vague reasons, despite their inability to speak human language, through facial expression and body language, they can (unwittingly) convey a plethora of ideas. Through tail wagging and panting, dogs are able to express their simple joy in seeing their masters after a long day of work. Through yawning in boredom, cats are able to express their nonchalant thoughts about the futile existence of the entire inferior human race. We can learn a lot of things about them just by merely watching them live their life for a few minutes during a lazy afternoon.

Apparently, an artist named Joshua Barkman had the same idea. Using his talent, he created the False Knees comics – a collection of cartoon drawings containing a few dark and humorous comic strips showcasing sassy animals that would surely bring a smile on your face.

So, if you’re having a bad day, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sassiness.

1. Well, it’s official, geese are evil.


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In some instances, they can also be great protectors. Remember that guy from Queensland, Australia who was saved by his dog from an Eastern Brown Snake? That poisonous serpent is considered as one of the deadliest in the world and the man’s life was spared because of his watchful and courageous friend.

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