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Unfortunate Beachgoer Rushed To The Hospital After Catfish Gets Stuck On Her Stomach





Swimming is considered as one of the best recreational activities that can be enjoyed by the young and old.

It is, however, important to exercise caution whenever you are in the water. Safety should always be your priority in order to prevent any untoward incidents. For example, you have to be extremely careful with your surroundings in order to avoid a shark attack.

Or perhaps even from seemingly-harmless catfishes.

This woman was enjoying a leisurely swim on the beach when a catfish suddenly embedded itself on her stomach.

catfish accident brazil 1

One woman from Itanhaém, Brazil learned that lesson the hard way when a catfish hung on her stomach skin with its barb. The unfortunate beachgoer ran out of the water and screamed for help. Fortunately, an ambulance immediately responded and helped take her to the nearest hospital.

EMT Marcelo Araujo Tamada took photos of the injury and shared it on social media

catfish accident brazil 2

Perhaps in an attempt to warn others about the “unusual occurrence,” EMT Marcelo Araujo Tamada took pictures of the tourist’s injury and shared it on Facebook.

Eventually, the spines have been successfully removed and the patient is now recovering.

catfish accident brazil 3

So yes, the next time you and your loved ones go swimming on the beach, do your best to steer clear from catfishes and other creatures.

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