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Moon Brows Creator Explains How He Came Up With The Idea

Would you try this?

  • Eyebrows have become an important part of fashion in recent years.
  • People have started trends using their eyebrows.
  • The latest one is called the Moon Brows, but it’s much different than the other trends.
  • The creator explains what the Moon Brows is all about.

Eyebrows used to be just a part of our face — we don’t really care much about them. However, eyebrows have become such a huge part of fashion these days.

While most people are still trying to create the “perfect” eyebrows, others are starting new trends — cue in the Moon Brows. As bizarre as it sounds, it is actually a thing. Now, the creator explains what he was thinking when he made it.

Hayley Bui is a prominent influencer with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. She is also the founder of Hayley Cosmetics. Most importantly, Hayley is the owner of the Moon Brows.

However, the credit doesn’t belong to Hayley as she didn’t create the Moon Brows herself, but to a 20-year-old guy who operates modeling agency Skyz Agency. The Photoshop expert Stefan James said that he initially began his agency as editing page SkyzEditz.

So how did the realistic-looking moon brows end up on Hayley’s face? The Instagram star and Stefan are good pals in real life. He sais that Hayley loves the moon and she even has a matching tattoo of the moon with her fiance.

Stefan decided to take it up a notch and created the moon brow.

Just like any other trends, the Moon Brows are not for everyone. But just because they are a little odd, that doesn’t mean that other people wouldn’t try it.

Stefan shared:

“[The brows have] had a crazy mixed reaction, some people love it and some hate it. I just created the edits for fun but it’s insane to see the nasty comments from people who are against it. I personally love to see other people do it if not everything would be so boring and mainstream.”


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