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Mom Just Turned 50 Years Old But Could Pass As A Teenager With Her Young Looks

She looks like a teenager!


Every woman’s dream is never to age a bit. They want to stay young and look young, never wanting to have those pesky wrinkles and lines. To look young, women try various beauty products and even undergo cosmetic procedures, but it seems the fountain of youth may not be found in these products – only through living a healthy lifestyle.

One perfect example is a woman who just turned 50 years old. She may have teenage sons already, but she could pose as their girlfriend if she wanted, and no one would notice. Yes, she looks young, stunning and sexy, much like a teenage girl.

Puspa Dewi, the woman who is currently taking the internet by storm, just celebrated her 50th birthday and netizens were flabbergasted on how young she looks. The mother and entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia uploaded her photos on Instagram, and she became an instant celebrity.

Based on her posts, Puspa is the owner of a healthy food business. Moreover, she works out regularly to keep her body fit and healthy. Staying young-looking, healthy and ageless isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to be motivated and disciplined in living a healthy life, and the keys are eating balanced meals and becoming physically fit.

Look at her photos and be astonished at her youthful appearance!

She just turned 50!

Can you believe she's on her fifth decade of life?

She looks just 18 years old.

She is often mistaken as her teen son's girlfriend.

Her secret? Eating healthy food options.

and working out regularly.

Here are more photos of Puspa Dewi:
















Living in a Barbie World: Singaporean Man Has More Than 9,000 Dolls

Because who wouldn’t want thousands of pairs of blue eyes adorably following you around in an empty house.

Some children are passionate about Barbie dolls. They’d collect them, dress them, accessorize them, and endlessly bug their parents to buy them more. Others put their Barbie doll collection to a good cause to help countless girls like themselves.

On the other hand, there are some who collect Barbie dolls just for fun. Perhaps for the pleasure of contemplating the impossibly ideal measurements that are Mattel’s standard for their flagship product. Or maybe they just enjoy playing with 10-inch plastic female figures.

Even if they are a grown-ass person. Like Jian Yang here.

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Pregnant Plus-Size Woman Lost Job After Steamy Engagement Shoot Went Viral

Expectant plus-size woman whose prenup photos went viral online has been terminated from work. Stephanie says her employer was worried about the reflection of her photos on the company.

Late last month, the social media world has been talking about the photo series of an engaged couple. The plus-sized woman was topless as she posed side by side with her new fiancé. The photoshoot gained different opinions from netizens, but most of them admired the woman for the positive message that came with their photos.

As soon as their photos were posted on Facebook that quickly went viral, Stephanie said she gained more confidence about herself through the photoshoot she had with fiancé Arryn and photographer Terry. She also expressed her gratitude to people who appreciated her bold move saying she has never felt more comfortable with her body in her entire life.

Stephanie revealed how her photoshoot with Arryn and Terry lifted her confidence, but it also cost her her job

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Infamous “Wellness Blogger” Who Faked Curing Her Brain Cancer Fined Over $400,000

So much deception!

You might have heard of Belle Gibson. You might have even subscribed to her blog a few years ago. The now infamous Australian "wellness blogger" gained popularity after launching her blog in 2013, releasing a hit app called The Whole Pantry, and publishing a bestselling book of the same title.

But Gibson's heydays are well behind her. After faking having brain cancer, falsely claiming she had cured herself, and failing to donate to charity as she said she would, Gibson has just been fined AUS$410,000 (over US$320,000) for misleading her online followers.

Gibson was very famous on Instagram and Facebook where she talked about her health.

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