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Mom Cancels Playdate Because The Other Kid Is Unvaccinated





Play dates are always exciting not only for the children but also for their parents. Besides, it’s the perfect time to have fun and simply have fun in a relaxed setting.

One mother, however, had to make the decision to cancel a scheduled play date after learning that one of the children in the group has not been vaccinated. She eventually shared about the incident on Reddit and it has since prompted a lengthy discussion after gaining hundreds of comments from other users.
Will you let your son or daughter play with an unvaccinated kid?

An admin for a Facebook group that organizes play dates, Reddit user humboldtw3 wrote:

“Canceled a play date today because I found out the other kid isn’t vaccinated.”

The other mother reacted negatively to her decision and hit her with a question: “If your kid is vaccinated then what’s the big deal?”

She didn’t let that sway her from the decision.

She further said:

“Nope. Not sorry. My kid is still a week or two away from being able to get his MMR. And I don’t hang out with people who neglect their children by not vaccinating.”

As if that was not enough, she also kicked the mom out of their social media group.

“I blocked her and removed her from the playdate Facebook group [where I am the] admin so she won’t inflict her dangerous views on anyone else.

“That might seem harsh but I would feel personally responsible if I found out her kid had given another kid from the group a preventable disease that they were too young to be vaccinated against.”

Another Reddit user commented:

“I think you did the right thing, but I also think I would have somewhere in the group policies that the group is for vaccinated children only. May help for the future to avoid any drama.”

With recent news about measles outbreak in different countries and with the World Health Organization naming anti-vaxxers among 2019’s top 10 global health threats, we really can’t blame parents for being extremely cautious these days.

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