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Missing 13-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Found Alive Inside Drainage Pipe After 12-Hour Search

Rescuers didn’t think he’d make it alive.






A 13-year-old boy in Los Angeles, who had gone missing, was finally found this morning in a network of drainage pipes after over a 12-hour search by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Teen Jesse Hernandez fell through a wooden plank on Sunday, washed into the pipes then got trapped in the pipe system overnight. The boy was found cold, hungry and scared but was described to be alert and responsive.

Jesse Hernandez fell into a sewer pipe on Sunday.

Source: LAFD

While the teen and his family were having a picnic as part of their annual Easter tradition, he then went missing, according to a fire department official.

As reported in ABC News, Jesse and his friends went to climb a chain-link fence near Griffith Park. The group then entered an abandoned shed and that’s when Jesse fell when the wooden plank he was on gave away.

The pipes are measured at 4 feet in diameter.

They are filled with 2 ft of sewage that moves at 15 mph, the fire department said.

The team used cameras to analyze the pipe system as part of the rescue effort.

When Jesse was found, he immediately asked for a cell phone.

The teen wanted to contact his family right away. It was such a relief for Jesse’s mother to hear her son’s voice.
Jesse went missing from 5254 Zoo Drive in LA and was found near the intersection of 134 Freeway and 5 Freeway.

Jesse had traveled about three-quarters of a mile, according to LAFD Capt. Erik Scott.

It was a miracle that the boy was fine. Crews were concerned that he wouldn’t be safe when rescued due to the hazardous materials in the pipe, Scott said.

“We maintained hope, we maintained intensity and we did not give up. But I’ll be honest, we did not think we would find a viable patient.”


Bikini-Clad Girls Strīpped, Gropȇd, and “Fīngered” At Overcrowded Water Park

The men at the pool splashed water at women, ripped off their swimsuits and fīngered them underwater.

Sara Martinez



Although most people would trade anything in exchange for a stolen piece of paradise either in the deep or a magnificent pool, this water park just might be the last resort you may want to plunge into.

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Holy Week Celebration Is Brutal and Bloody in the Philippines

Self-flagellation is done by devotees during Lenten in the hopes of atoning for their sins.

Mark Andrew



For many Christians, Holy Week is an important holiday commemorating the life, teachings, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated differently across the world and perhaps no other is as bizarre as how it’s done in the Philippines.

A predominantly Catholic country, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are considered national holidays in the Philippines. This means private businesses and government agencies suspend work and people return to their home provinces to commemorate Holy Week.

The weird thing, however, is the fact that some devotees engage in self-flagellation to imitate the sufferings of Christ - to the point of even getting crucified!

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Botched Tattoo Job Leaves Woman With Slug-Like Eyebrows

Her new brows are much wider than her natural brows.




Be careful when going for a permanent change on your body like getting tattoos or cosmetic surgery. Professional work that produces great results doesn't come cheap. Otherwise, you'll be left with something horrible that you would need to live with for the rest of your life.

Case in point is a woman who was left with slug-like eyebrows after getting an eyebrow tattoo done by an inexperienced artist. Kanyarat Chaichan, 26, of Thailand was devastated by the unsightly 1cm-wide eyebrow she got and could no longer have fixed because she can't afford them.

This was how Kanyarat looked before getting eyebrow tattoos.

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