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He Kicked Off His Shoes and Started Living in a Tree Stump Amidst a Rainforest.





Cars; a nice, huge mansion; designer bags, clothes and shoes; laptop; the latest iPhone… given a choice, would you ever give up any of these? In this day and age, people have become dependent on technology and cool gadgets. People work 24/7 doing two to three jobs to save money for the future, travel, or to simply enjoy life. Sometimes people are so caught up with these thingamabobs that they often forget what really matters most: to live.

The man in the video, Mick Dodge, did just that. He decided to kick off his shoes and leave everything behind in the city almost 25 years ago to live in the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula. The National Geographic regards him as a survivalist, warrior, and partly a philosopher.

He has been wandering the coast of the Pacific as a barefoot nomad and has been given the name “Barefoot Sensei.” Mick Dodge, a former Marine who used to own at least two houses and several cars, now lives in a tree stump amidst the forest and uses pinecones to brush his teeth. Although he is a trained fighter and was once a hunter, Mick now survives by eating plants around him.

Do you think it’s really possible for someone to be able to survive like this?

Watch this video and tell us what you think.

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H/T: Viral Thread, NatGeo

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