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He Kicked Off His Shoes and Started Living in a Tree Stump Amidst a Rainforest.

The legend of the “Barefoot Sensei”, Mick Dodge.


Cars; a nice, huge mansion; designer bags, clothes and shoes; laptop; the latest iPhone… given a choice, would you ever give up any of these? In this day and age, people have become dependent on technology and cool gadgets. People work 24/7 doing two to three jobs to save money for the future, travel, or to simply enjoy life. Sometimes people are so caught up with these thingamabobs that they often forget what really matters most: to live.

The man in the video, Mick Dodge, did just that. He decided to kick off his shoes and leave everything behind in the city almost 25 years ago to live in the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula. The National Geographic regards him as a survivalist, warrior, and partly a philosopher.

He has been wandering the coast of the Pacific as a barefoot nomad and has been given the name “Barefoot Sensei.” Mick Dodge, a former Marine who used to own at least two houses and several cars, now lives in a tree stump amidst the forest and uses pinecones to brush his teeth. Although he is a trained fighter and was once a hunter, Mick now survives by eating plants around him.

Do you think it’s really possible for someone to be able to survive like this?

Watch this video and tell us what you think.

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H/T: Viral Thread, NatGeo


Prankster Gave Poor Victims The Most Gross Act Ever Done Inside An Elevator and It Was Hilarious!

One of the perks of enjoying a good prank is getting a selection of reactions from their victims. As the accomplice launches the bait, poor victims instantly become great actors on a clueless film.

One of the perks of enjoying a good prank is getting a selection of reactions from their victims. As the accomplice launches the bait, the poor victims instantly become great actors on a clueless film. But what will you do if you happened to be one of the grossed victims ever? Totally EEEEWWWW!!!!

Much as elevators are one of the greatest inventions of humans, its walls conceal whatever mystery is bound to happen inside. With the brilliant idea of containing their victims, this agitated “prankster” started the prank by releasing a perky fart. Moments after, the simple farting came along with a very terrible smell from a revolting stomach. It is however at the grand finale when the prankster finally releases the “bowels” straight in their victims’ faces making them obviously grossly paranoid with themselves.

Watch the epic prank:

Lucky for them, it was all just a prank and viewers have now more reasons to go gaga over a well-performed act. Clap! Clap! Clap!

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Hilarious Video Shows Man Undergoing Labor Simulation For His Wife

Watch this father’s reaction as the pain’s intensity increases to simulate active labor!

Men don't really realize how painful and difficult it is for women to undergo labor and childbirth. Imagine feeling a pain that scores between six and ten in the pain scale because your uterus is contracting for approximately 60 seconds every 2-3 minutes (the cycle can last for hours to a day, by the way). This does not include the delivery process itself wherein mothers feel like their pelvic bones are slowly ripping apart as a 6-8 pounder baby tries to come out of their private parts!

Although it is a glorious achievement for women to give birth, sometimes some women secretly wish for the men to be ones to undergo such a grueling experience. Have you really ever wondered how men would feel and react if they are in these women's shoes? What would they do if their water broke and the contractions start radiating to their lower backs and perineum? Kim Dean Holderness' husband, Penn, wanted to give it a try.

So for Mother's day, Penn Holderness had decided to visit Dr. Sameh Toma at the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCCRM) with his wife to simulate early to active labor pains for him.

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Bear Caught Walking Like a Human Being. But The Reason is Far From Funny.

This animal video is less bizarre than you think.

Bears are adorable. Although they may seem wild at times, they are like any other animals that can amuse us with their tricks and cuteness. They are commonly viewed as a typical four-legged mammal that walk on four legs and thrive in a natural environment.

However, we found this really bizarre video, wherein an Asiatic black bear was caught walking like a true human being! It was on its two legs, and it seemed as if there was a person hidden beneath the furry physique.

Watch the video here:

At first, we thought the video was hilarious and that it was just another crazy animal talent. But when we found out the real reason behind the bear's unusual stance, we were taken aback. The person who posted the video was veterinarian Eliza Jinata. She explained that the bear exhibited such stance due to a medical condition it developed when it was cruelly treated in a bear bile farm.

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