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This Boy Documented His Battle Against Cancer. The Result Will Bring You To Tears!

What an incredible journey.

One of the life’s greatest challenges that any person would not wish to encounter is fighting cancer.  Michael Friedman was only sixteen years old when he found out that he had cancer.  Such news was obviously the most horrifying moment in his entire life.  Remarkably, his spirit to fight cancer remained strong.  Though he could no longer live a normal life due to complications, he still managed to cheer up through the inspiration of his family and friends.   Amazingly, after seven months and 14 rounds of chemotherapy, Michael celebrated his victory against cancer with his friends and family who never left him during his darkest moment.

Have a look at Michael’s inspiring and extraordinary journey.  He kept photos as memories for the entire duration of his battle against cancer to serve as an inspiration to others.

Here is Michael when he got his first chemotherapy.


Photo credit: Reddit
This how he looked like before shaving his head.


Photo credit: Reddit
And after shaving his head.


Photo credit: Reddit

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He Got This Note From a Nosy Couple Who Discovered He Went to a Date But Not With His Wife!

He’s awesome!

The qualification to parenthood is never a piece of cake not to mention if you have to do it all by yourself. Time will come where your parental guidance is put on a test and you will be totally clueless whether your call of judgment is morally right or at least acceptable to the society. Naturally, you just want your child to be treated the best way that they deserve.

So, what did this single father of a six-year-old daughter do on Valentine’s Day? He took his daughter out on a date and treated her like a queen! How cool is that? Not only did he spend ample time with her but also did he show her how a perfect date should be—just simple, sincere and fun!

Delighted with this cute encounter, the father did not even notice the couple just across them who have been spying and simultaneously envying the remarkable experience. So instead of giving the father a standing ovation, they secretly left a note that reads:...

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“My Dad is a Liar”; A Heart-Touching Story About The Sacrifices Of A Father

So what exactly was the father’s secret?


Everything we have in our lives now, we owe it mostly to our parents. Imagine how many sleepless nights your mother endured just to give you a good night sleep when you were a baby. Or how many hours your father spent working overtime so he can afford to send you to  good school. How many moments of sacrifice did they make to turn you into who you are today?

This heartwarming commercial made by MetLife Hong Kong tells us exactly what every parents’ love is all about. Entitled “My Dad’s Story: Dream for My Child”, the short video clip shows a little girl handing her father a tearjerking letter telling him that she knew that “he lies”.

So what exactly was the father’s secret? Watch the video to find out why he keeps on telling lies to his little girl....

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How Far Would You Go For Love? What He Did Will Surely Make Every Woman Jealous!

This heart-touching video will teach you the first duty of love. 

“From a scale of one to 10, please rate your pain.”

Although this might be considered a perfect line for this story, how the series of events ran into a different twist will surely leave you in awe.

This is a story of an ordinary newspaper boy who, selfless as he is, was willing to give up everything he has on his possession, even his own precious life, just so he could give half of his heart to the one he loves. Every day, he would deliver the papers to his usual valued customers in exchange of a minimum amount and record it to monitor his daily income. Naturally generous, he would sometimes even deliver the papers without accepting anything in return. ...

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