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Mysterious Footage Shows ‘Merman’ Being Pulled From Lake

Do mermans really exist?


A bizarre video showing a creature with a human upper body and a fish-like tail being pulled from lake by men in biohazard suits has emerged online.

Allegedly captured in Poland, the two-minute video clip begins with a group of men in biohazard suits surrounding the strange being lying on the banks of a river.

Moments later, the men lift the creature which appears to have a large fish tail.

A group of men in paramedics attire then comes into the scene and moves a stretcher in place. The men in biohazard suits then place the supposedly mythical creature on the stretcher which was wheeled away to an unknown location.

No information about the incident has emerged since.

The mysterious being was spotted by a lake in Poland.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
Men dressed in biohazard suits transferred the fishy creature to a stretcher.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Undeniably, the bearded ‘merman’ was clearly visible in the footage.

A group of men in paramedics attire comes into the scene to assist the group.


Photo credit: Mirror UK
The ‘merman’ was wheeled away to an unknown location.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

While many believe that the mysterious video is an indisputable proof that mermen do exist, some netizens speculated that whole scene was a hoax or a scene being filmed for a movie.

Watch the bizarre footage below.

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Source: Mirror UK


This Miracle Baby Survived Despite Being Born Without Much Of His Skull

When he was born, the doctors said he will only live a few days. He recently celebrated his first birthday.

Having a baby is always an exciting time for a couple. The thought of welcoming a new addition to the family can be a joyous and overwhelming occasion, perhaps most especially for first-time parents.

For husband and wife Brandon and Brittany Buell, however, the news came with some major grief.

When Brittany was in her 17th week of pregnancy, physicians spotted some MRI discrepancies on their baby. Eventually, they recommended that the pregnancy be terminated at the 23rd week. The couple refused and went ahead, carrying the baby in Brittany’s womb.

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China’s Glass-Bottomed Bridge Suspended 590 Feet in the Air Terrifies Tourists

Are you brave enough to cross this bridge?


Dubbed as the “Hero Bridge”, the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge suspended 590 feet (180 meters) in the air and spans 984 feet (300 meters)  will definitely make your palms sweat.

Located in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan, China, the terrifying bridge connects the gap between the two cliffs of Stone Buddha Mountain.

Eleven engineers worked 12 hours a day to convert the walkway previously made of wood into a glass bridge.

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Frustrated Girlfriend Stripped in Public When Boyfriend Didn’t Buy Her an iPhone 6s

She wants to make him understand how badly she wants an iPhone 6s.

It’s normal for couples to fight. Every close relationships entail not just pure love and bliss but also periods of complete madness.

These periods are often caused by misunderstandings, jealousy, and sometimes boredom. Yes, lovers do fight over petty things, and it’s given.

We are all familiar with that feeling somehow. That feeling of desperation and hopelessness whenever the person we love just can’t seem to understand us. It’s frustrating because, of all people, we want our partners to understand, love, and accept us when no one else can---no matter what.

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