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Ladies, Here’s What Your Menstrual Period Color Says About Your Health.





Women all over the world have probably experienced a horrific period story at least once in their lives. These include horrible menstrual cramps and pains, skin breakouts, mood swings, chocolates, wine and ice cream binging. But aside from these pains our period brings, did you know it can also give clues regarding a woman’s health? From the jam-like or mucus-like texture, to dark red or black menstrual period, we will give you the clues! So read on!

Warning: May contain pictures that are disgusting. (Meaning you might throw up on that strawberry jam sandwich you just had or that blueberry pie hehe)

1. The Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam or...?

Since we just mentioned it, what indeed does a Strawberry Jam-like period tells about your body? A slippery jam or jelly like texture for your menstruation is actually normal. This just means that some cervical mucus mixed with your period giving it this texture. Red strawberry jam-period is normal, but if it is pink or very pale, that’s when you might worry a bit. According to Dr. Alissa Vitti who is a functional nutritionist, pale menstrual color indicates that a woman’s estrogen levels are too low. Low estrogen may then result to fatigue, vaginal dryness, low libido and hair loss. Furthermore, this type of mens is usually irregular or late and with little blood flow.

2. Presenting… the Cranberries!

Uhh we mean your period, not the band.

Uhh we mean your period, not the band.

As if that did not ruin strawberry jam for you previously, now we discuss the cranberries. With its nice dark red color and nice slippery texture, you are totally fine! Still to rejoice about the Cranberry-type of menstruation is that these type of periods tend to start and end on time. The blood flow too is just right. This means your hormones are perfectly normal. (Now I kinda envy women who have this kind of period! >_<)

And if you like blueberries…

Chunky blueberries, anyone?


I know it feels as if we are Melisandre, the Red Woman who gives birth to dark shapes in the night. But chunky or clotty dark period may still be normal. Provided that it is not a prolonged shedding of this kind. The dark color just indicates that older blood in the endometrial and cervical lining is being shed. The clotty texture is just our body’s natural anticoagulant at work too. It may also indicate high estrogen levels and is often accompanied by heavy flow.

Some words of wisdom:
Women tend to shift from one period type to another. We may start off from strawberry jam, eventually becoming cranberry, and as our uterus flushes out the endometrial lining, we finish off with blueberry. If you are in a prolonged state of light bleeding, then go see an OB-GYN or an endocrinologist. Same goes for prolonged heavy and clotty flow or continuous fresh blood period. It may indicate serious conditions like myoma or a mass. Aside from these three types, you should also look out for this:

4. Never did like them blood oranges…

Yes it really must keep up with the food theme

A red-orange or bloody orange menstrual blood may indicate infection. The orange coloration may be from the secretions in the cervix due to the infection. Smell may also be rather unpleasant. Consult your doctor immediately.

And there you have it, the colors and textures of menstrual period and what they say about your body. Did you find this informative? Share with your friends and gal pals.

Sources: Dr. Alissa Vitti, MD Health

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