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McDonald’s Apologizes After 2-Year-Old Sucks On Used Cọndom Found In Restaurant





A mother has been left horrified after her two-year-old daughter found a used cọndom in McDonald’s and put it in her mouth. The girl was with both her parents when she saw the thin sheath made of latex at one of the fast food’s franchises south of Perth on Friday night.

The mother said she was ordering their food at the counter when her daughter found the used cọndom in the main dining area and “sucked on it.” After learning about the incident, McDonald’s issued an apology.

The mother said:

“I went back up to the counter to order something, and my daughter was with my husband, I don’t know how it happened, but when my husband next looks at her, she’s sucking on a black cọndom. I ran into the bathrooms, washed her mouth and hands and came out and gave her a drink. We were terrified.”

She said the black condọm looked used, but she said they couldn’t find the packaging anywhere.

The mom added that she hasn’t slept after the incident. Being a parent, she felt “overwhelmingly guilty” that she took her daughter to the place. She fully regretted it.

The family left the restaurant to visit their doctor but was told to return to the restaurant to retrieve the condọm and bring it in for testing. When she went back, she claims the staff refused to give her the condọm, and she was disgusted with how they treated her.

The mom said that she’s worried that her daughter might get something alarming like an STD.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said that the restaurant was investigating the incident and they believed an employee did actually take the cọndom to the hospital.

McDonald’s apologized for the incident in a statement. They noted that “Cleanliness and safety” are the chain’s top priorities.

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