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Philippines’ Gigantic Hammock Suspended Way Above A Rainforest Will Leave You Astounded





Who doesn’t find hammocks comforting?

Before we could all ever walk, hammocks were basically our homes. We spent our sleeping days cradled in them after we were lulled to sleep. Even up to this day, we spend time lying in them to bring back those feelings of ease and have relaxation be it outside our homes or in, even at some beaches and vacation spots. But have you ever seen a gigantic hammock fit for a group? Or better yet, how would you feel about an enormous hammock dangling above a rainforest?

There is one tourist attraction in the Philippines where one could experience lying above a tropical forest.



Source: Celine

Masungi Georeserve, a geopark rich in heritage and life situated in the rainforests of Rizal in the Philippines, is a conservation area home to admirable rock formations, flora and fauna that are showcased through trails of rope courses and hours-long of trekking.

Masungi got its name from the word “masungki” which translates to “spiked” – suiting for the sprawling ten kilometer spine of limestone landscape found within. Visitors get to be truly up close and one with Mother Nature.

Through the 1,500+ hectare sanctuary, guests can have an encounter with various wildlife, such as such as civet cats, monitor lizards, cloud rats, macaques, migratory birds, raptors, and plant species like jade vines and titan arums. They get to experience distressing and reenergising while at the same time conquering fears of heights and adrenaline through the reserve’s karst terrain.

Masungi is a maze of limestone as old as 66 million years dating as far back as the Paleocene and Eocene period.

The Discovery Trail of Masungi

The georeserve has an informative tour discussing the ecological relevance of Masungi and it features Sapot, Ditse, Patak, Duyan, Yungib ni Ruben, Tatay, Nanay, and Liwasan.

Sapot gives a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Laguna de Bay. Not to worry! It is structurally safe for it is designed with the same material used in suspension bridges.

"Patak and Ditse"

Patak and Ditse

Source: Celine

Patak, the air house in shape of a raindrop at the end of a hanging bridge and Ditse, area enclosed with an existing cactus garden and holds a cavern with a stone-paved monkey on its floor symbolizing the monkeys that stay in the cave to cool off.



Source: Sassy Manila

The large hammock that can be reached through rappelling over canopies of trees.

"Tatay and Nanay"

Tatay and Nanay

Source: Celine

The biggest rock formation in Masungi, which means Father and Mother, with view decks that give a 360 degree view of the surrounding.



Check out this cool video of the astonishing ecological diversity of Masungi and share this post for your friends to see:

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