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A Lake Fell Off a Cliff in Canada, Causing Massive Flooding!

Now even a lake can fall off a cliff, thanks to Global Warming!

Mika Castro





Quick, think of things that can fall or dive from a cliff. A person maybe, an animal, a rock… a whole lake? Wait what, a lake?

Yes you read that right. Although a lake falling off a cliff seemed unheard of, that was what happened in the Northwest Territories of Canada when an unnamed lake “fell off” the arctic Fort McPherson hamlet, causing massive flooding in the area.

The lake has been preserved and held together by walls of ice and permafrost almost 30 meters thick. These permafrost barriers around Fort McPherson has been around for thousands of years, as remnants of the last Ice Age era when the Laurentide Ice Sheet was formed. However, ongoing and intensifying effects of global warming has slowly melted the permafrost around the area, and thus unleashing the waters of the lake.

Watch this timelapse video of the lake draining itself after the breach in its ice banks.

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This process of ice headwalls melting is technically called a permafrost thaw slump. This phenomenon does not occur overnight, but takes a number of years, even decades. The increasing temperatures even in the arctic regions of Northern countries such as Canada, can now pose as extreme geohazards especially in residential areas. Aside from flooding, a thaw slump may cause icy mud flow that behaves like quicksand and can become death traps for animals and people. Luckily, Fort McPherson and the drained lake is quite isolated and thus, the lake runoff did not affect any residential areas.

The unnamed lake drained off. Researchers fear that the adjacent lake will also drain away in years to come.

The unnamed lake drained off. Researchers fear that the adjacent lake will also drain away in years to come.

The bad news however, is that the unnamed lake has a bigger counterpart adjacent to it. And with the exposure of this new icy headwalls, the same thing might happen again and sadly, this is an event that is beyond human control. We can never mitigate natural disasters when they strike, all we can do is watch in awe with nature’s power and regret the neglect and destruction we humans have created.

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Colombians Burn Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach And Host Steve Harvey’s Effigies on New Year’s Eve

Called año viejo, the act of burning effigies is being practiced across different countries in Latin America. It is believed that by burning these effigies at midnight, bad luck is being warded off for the entire year.

Ann Nuñez



It's customary for Colombians to burn effigies on New Year's Eve since they believe the act wards off bad luck. However, what makes it different this year is the faces they put on the effigies: newly crowned Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and the pageant's host Steve Harvey.

In a video posted on Facebook, effigies being burned on the streets had the faces of Ms. Wurtzbach and Steve Harvey. The video, which has since gone viral, showed the uploader smiling and cheering while the burning was underway. Loud cheers and lively music can also be heard in the background.

You can watch the short clip below:

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Mob Of Naked Men Rushed to The Sea to Save A Family From Sinking Boat

Ok, this is totally awkward but they were on a nudist beach, what would you expect?

Inah Garcia



What would you do if you see a bunch of nude men rush to a sinking boat to save an entire family? Will you stay to watch, cringe as you leave or scream for support? It may sound very unusual but believe it or not, this incident actually happened recently at Lady Bay Beach, a nudist beach on Sydney Harbor.

The boat started sinking on Saturday afternoon, which made the small family currently on it scream for help. The nude men immediately rushed to the boat to help the passengers, which included a woman and a young child.

Lady Bay Beach is a nudist beach in Sydney, Australia


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Largest Ever Rare Giant Squid Seen Swimming Alongside a Boat in Japan!

That is one big a** squid!




A group of Japanese spectators got a real treat when an incredibly rare giant squid swam next to their boat's moorings in Toyama Bay, which is located at Japan's west coast. This 13-foot (almost 4 meters) Architeuthis squid, was said to be the largest ever recorded by scientists.

It looks real scary up close!


Photo credit:
It measures 13 feet long and weighs around a ton...


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