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Woman Posts Washing Machine Review And Accidentally Exposes Herself In The Process.





I noticed it has become my habit to usually check out reviews online before buying something.

Whether it’s a new book, a pair of sneakers, or a smartphone, I usually try to read what others think of the product before shelling out some money. Seeing positive and negative comments from other buyers often help me decide whether an item is worth buying or not.

Mark Milligan wanted to purchase a new washing machine and so, like many of us would do, he also did a quick search for available reviews – and one in particular caught his attention.

Mark Milligan was looking for a washing machine review online. He found an unusual one!


Source: Twitter

A woman from Stevenage, England got the same machine and then wrote a glowing review about it. She says that she “loves my new machine, it’s [sic] nice big door and its tune when it’s finished washing. Love it.”

She even uploaded a photo of the washing machine on the company’s website but apparently, she accidentally exposed herself in the process.

Look closely on the photo below and you will see what I mean:

A woman from Stevenage, England shared a review along with a photo – where she accidentally exposed herself.


Source: Twitter

In the background, you can see the woman using her camera phone with her breasts exposed. Sure, we showed a blurred image here but if you will check out Milligan’s post on Twitter, you will see the full, unedited photo.

Twitter netizens went wild over the hilarious discovery.


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

As you can expect, the internet went crazy over Milligan’s hilarious discovery.

The lesson here, of course, is the next time you feel like uploading a photo online, be sure to check it first. You wouldn’t want to make the same embarrassing NSFW mess!

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