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Guests Thought It Was An Ordinary Wedding March But This Bride Had A Big Surprise For Her Groom

This lovely bride sang a special song for her groom as her father walked her down the aisle.

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Perhaps no other occasion is as special for a couple than their wedding day.

Weddings are, of course, memorable for different reasons but for if you will ask Ronny Eidsvik, he’d probably say it was the special song his bride sang for him.

During their wedding at Norway’s Alesund Church, Maria Holand Tøsse surprised him and everyone in attendance with a one-of-a-kind serenade. Her own rendition of the song “You Raised Me Up” amazed the groom and all the guests.

Everyone thought it was an ordinary wedding march but this bride had a surprise for her groom.


Maria sang the tune while Charles Tøsse, her father, was walking her down the aisle. To add to the surprise, even her dad sang a few original lines. A few backup musicians and singers were also present, making the song as beautiful as it can be.

It’s absolutely touching that Ronny couldn’t help but cry. Actually, some of their guests were teary-eyed too, as shown on the video below.

You can watch the bride’s heartwarming performance here:

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Uploaded just last August 8, 2015 on YouTube, the video has drawn almost 9 million views to date. It has been heavily shared on social media sites as well. Netizens from all across the globe have likewise commented about how the video has touched their hearts.

YouTube user vijaya kesari wrote:

“Emotional tears rolling down my eyes as I watch the video. So touching. She is stronger than I am. I can’t hold my tears. Congratulations to the new couple.”

Maui Mim, on the other hand, said:

“I thought it was beautiful, to see how moved the groom was, and how her father did his best, lovely!”

Anja Mühlendorph commented:

“Ohhh wow… That was SO beautiful… I´m sitting here crying over that beautiful ceremony. Congratulations Maria and Ronny, I wish you lots and lots of happy years… Love from Anja / Denmark.”

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