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This Tough Man’s Simple but Powerful Message Brought These Middle School Students to Tears!





Marc Mero’s speech was intended for the anti-bullying school program called Champion of Choices which he personally founded in 2007. He is a former professional wrestler under the ring name Johnny B. Badd and now a motivational speaker. Marc devoted his passion and time encouraging students to make healthy choices and stand against bullying through this advocacy.

In this video that recently went viral, he got emotional sharing his personal experiences, struggles growing up and the great impact his mother has brought to his life.

I am in awe upon watching this heartbreaking speech and I understand how his audience, the middle school students in particular reacted, cried and was deeply moved by his message.

It’s good to know that we still have people like Marc who inspires, brings hope and enlightenment to people especially to our youth.

Watch the Inspiring Video:

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It’s never too late to make the right choices, to love and value the people around us. Please share this story to help spread the message.

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