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Man Walks Through A Forest in Canada and Sees ‘Breathing’ Tree

Last October 30, Brian Nuttall was walking through the forest in Cumberland County in Nova Scotia, Canada when he was startled by “breathing” tree.


It seemed like it was a scene straight of a horror movie.

Last October 30, a man named Brian Nuttall was walking through the forest in Cumberland County in Nova Scotia, Canada when he was startled by a very unnerving sight. He saw a “breathing” tree!

Though shocked by the unusual sight, Nuttall managed to pull out his cellphone and record a video of tree, which appeared as if it was taking deep breaths from its roots. The forest floor is shown “heaving.”

A 'breathing' tree may send some people running.


Nuttall later uploaded the video clip of the “breathing” tree on the We Love Nova Scotia Facebook page and wrote, “The wind was blowing the trees on the hill a few days after the remanence of hurricane Patricia, it was a strong west wind.” He went on to reveal, “As I entered a patch of trees spared from clear cutting, I noticed the ground moving. ”

Wouldn’t you get freaked out by this?

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Nuttall’s “breathing” tree video soon racked up millions of views and the clip has been re-uploaded by various people. It’s been discussed on various TV networks such as Canada’s CBC News and the U.S.-based Fox News. A lot of science websites like The Weather Network and IFLScience have also discussed it.

It turns Nuttall isn’t the only one who has encountered a “breathing” tree.

This was uploaded in 2011 by YouTube user Loretta Marcus.

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This was taken in Finland a few years ago.

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Tonie Sledz recorded this 2012 video in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

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So, what the heck is going on here? Are there a bunch of trees who could rise up and take over the planet? Is there something supernatural or extra-terrestrial happening with these trees?


Colombia Finds the ‘Holy Grail of Shipwrecks’ With Treasures Worth $17 Billion

Galleon San Jose’s treasures were estimated between $4 and $17 bilion, but that was three to four years ago.

“Great news: We have found the Galleon San Jose.”

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos proudly tweeted this message on Friday evening, as he announced the discovery of the “Holy Grail of Ship Wrecks,” the Galleon San Jose---the flagship and the largest vessel of a Spanish fleet, which sunk 307 years ago. The shipwreck was found last week by a team of international experts and Colombia’s navy and archaeology specialists.

The shipwreck, which was located off the coast of Colombia, was believed to be carrying an estimated $17 billion worth of treasures including gold, silver, and other gems from Potosi, Peru to Cartegena.

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ISIS Fighter Fires RPG Through a Hole in a Wall, Blows Himself Up Instead

Some would think it was his karma.

An alleged ISIS militant blew himself up after missing his target. Apparently, the jihadist was a “hopeless case" when it comes to using a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). The incident was captured on video.

In the footage below, we see a man dressed in black crouching as he talks to someone behind the camera. He shifts his body towards the wall where RPG is and picks it up on his shoulder.


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Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates Daughter’s Birth By Giving Away 99% Of Facebook Shares

What a generous guy!

We’ve all heard the news that Mark Zuckerberg just took a leave from work to welcome his first baby. Recently, his wife gave birth to beautiful Max and that simply changes things – a lot of things in fact.

Well aside from Mark spending sleepless nights and doing diaper changes, he and his wife have declared that they will be giving away 99% of their Facebook shares.

I know that sounds insane but it's really true.

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