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Man Gets Tattoo of Cancer Scar in Unconditional Support of Sick Son





How much would a parent do, how far would they go to show their love for their child? Plenty, apparently.

One father was willing to “disfigure” himself to make his son feel better about his condition. Josh Marshall from Kansas was devastated when his son, Gabriel was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor last year.

Josh and his son, Gabriel

scar 4

Fortunately, Gabriel went through a successful surgical procedure to remove the tumor. However, it left him with a huge scar.

Rather than see his son depressed and his confidence plummet down due to the jagged scar, Josh decided to support Gabriel instead…

…by getting a tattoo in the exact same place.

scar 1

Gabriel’s surgical incision forms an ugly raised sideways “U” on the left side of his bald head, going past his ear. While eventually, his hair will grow back after his chemo treatments, the very visible scar is an unsightly reminder of his life-threatening ordeal.

His dad, Josh, feeling Gabriel’s suffering and loss of confidence, decided to get a “scar” just like his.

He had a tattoo etched on his head, matching Gabriel’s scar from point to point.

A father’s love is a beautiful thing…

scar 2

Their photo of Josh’s solidarity with his son went viral after it was posted on Facebook. It was even entered into the Best Bald Dad competition. The internet’s show of support surprised Josh, as well.

But for the devoted dad, his selfless act was par for the course as a father. He relayed his gratitude to the thousands of netizens who shared their heartwarming photo:

I would like to thank everyone for helping make this happen it’s an honor to be titled 2016’s#BestBaldDad but the truth is I’m no better then any of the other contestants we are all great father’s that would go to any extent to help our children so in my eyes we’re all winners!

Hope you all have a great week and a happy father’s day to all you men making a difference in your children’s lives!

Would you do the same for your kid?

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