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Man Cuts One Hour Commute To Six Minutes By Paddling Across The River Going To Work

Well, that’s one innovative alternative.

A man in south-west China has decided to beat the rush hour commute by paddleboarding across a river to get to work. Every day, Liu Fucao crosses the Yangtze River to reach his office in the district of Wanzhou, Chongqing.

The 29-year-old’s office is on the north bank of the river, but he lives on the south bank. It used to take him an hour to drive to work through rush hour traffic. Nowadays, it takes him only six minutes via paddleboard.

Liu told reporters:

“Taking my own car would take at least 30 minutes and taking the bus would take more than an hour. It’s never reliable.

It’s little more than 1,000 meters (across the river), but if I drive my car, I have to take detours to get to work.”

In a feature from Pear Video, Liu is seen paddling across the Yangtze River in his work shirt and pants. He brings with him a bag containing his laptop and coat, which he puts on as soon as he arrives at the opposite end of the river.

To prevent himself from drowning, Liu wears a trusty life jacket and secures his right ankle on a leash attached to the paddleboard.

Liu is a professional paddleboarder and would like to remind everyone that this method of commuting for work isn’t for everyone and should only be taken with experience and a waterproof backpack. He shared that he received professional training before starting his new route.

Although his innovative alternative to the typical commutes is quite unique, he is not the first to paddle board across large stretches of water for work. A New York resident garnered attention last year when he was spotted tackling the Hudson River in his suit.

That man is Scott Holt who lives in Jersey City. He later revealed that he decided to paddleboard to arrive at his meeting on time.

Watch the video here:

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MMA Fighter Claims Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts “Doesn’t Show Any Combat Abilities”

Think Bruce Lee is the “greatest fighter ever”? This man is not impressed!

Bruce Lee wasn't only a popular Hollywood action star and a martial artist back in the days. Fast forward to the present, Lee is considered by many as "the greatest fighter ever" and even Dana White, president of UFC, called him as "the father of mixed martial arts."

During Lee's time, MMA didn't exist yet but he shunned traditional martial arts and created his own he called Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid philosophy that literally means "the way of the intercepting fist" in Cantonese. His goal, according to him, was to simplify and get rid of the “fancy mess that distorts and cramps their practitioners and distracts them from the actual reality of combat”.


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Doing Chores Help Children Achieve Greater Success In Their Lives, According To Study

Next time you’re tempted to do the task yourself, stop. Your kids need to learn!

As parents, sometimes the temptation for us is to do all the house chores ourselves. Besides, we want everything done quickly and perfectly, right? So we just allow our children to play their devices or do their homework as we get busy in the kitchen.

That, according to experts, is a big mistake for parents. As numerous studies have shown, letting kids help in the home by assigning them age-appropriate tasks not only leads to their growth as individuals, it also contributes to their future success.


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20 Animals That Have Unique Genes

#7 looks unreal.

With all of the different possibilities of how an animal will look based on its DNA, there are some animals out there who without a doubt hit the genetic jackpot. Although they are technically considered to be “genetic mutations,“ these animals look so unique that you wouldn’t consider it a flaw.

There are some animals out there that have physical features or characteristics that go far beyond the standard genetic deviation, and they look equally beautiful with those with regular exteriors. Here are 20 animals who hit the genetic jackpot.

1. This bearded cat will make all the ladies swoon.


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