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Guy Cooks Meat From His Own Leg To Find Out What Human Flesh Tastes Like

Find out what human meat tastes like from this science presenter.

In 2007, a real-life cannibal from Germany named Armin Meiwes gave this fascinating description of what human meat tastes like.

The psychotic man said,”I sauteed the steak of Bernd, with salt, pepper, garlic, and nutmeg. I had it with Princess croquettes, Brussels sprouts, and a green pepper sauce. The flesh tastes like pork, a little bit more bitter, stronger. It tastes quite good.”

Other serial killers and cannibals like Alexander Pearce, Issei Sagawa, William Seabrook, and Omaima Nelson compared human flesh to fish and veal. Some of them even said that it was the sweetest meat they’ve ever tasted.

But, is there any truth to what these deranged criminals said? Or did they just make that up to protect their own twisted minds—like a defense mechanism—from the abhorrent, evil act they did?

In this excerpt from Britlab for the BBC, Greg Foot, a science presenter, also wanted to find out what humans taste like. But since cannibalism is illegal, and even eating your own flesh is punishable by law, Greg asked a surgeon to perform a biopsy on his leg. Then, he had the flesh cooked and settled for its aroma instead.

What do we taste like?

Watch the video:

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This New Doomsday Submarine Is U.S. Navy’s ‘Nuclear Weapon of Tomorrow’

Currently, US Navy’s top priority, according to reports.

The Congressional Research Service has officially released information about the US Navy’s upcoming new class of nuclear ballistic missile submarines. In a blog posted by Popular Mechanics, it has been said that the new Navy vessels “will carry the nuclear weapons of tomorrow.”

To give you a little background, nuclear missile submarines spend months “submerged in classified patrol areas” and is the most “survivable” of the so-called nuclear triad (land-, sea-, and air-launched nuclear weapons). They are, however, less accurate than land-based missiles.

As of present time, the United States Navy maintains 14 Ohio-class nuclear missile submarines, each one carrying 20 Trident D-5 missiles. Each Trident has about 12 nuclear warheads which are 6 times more powerful than the bomb that rocked Hiroshima. ...

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20 of the Funniest Bathroom Door Signs You Will Ever See

#12 is a win! LOL!

Public toilets usually have signs on the door for a specific purpose – to help people determine which room they should use whenever they need to go.

Although quite useful, these door signs often do not get a lot of attention. We just give them a quick glance and that’s it. We’re done with them.

There are, however, some door signs that are much catchier than the plain old “men” and “women” ones - such as these clever, hilarious signs that we’ve featured below. Some of these signs, however, can be a bit more confusing to figure out, especially if you’ve already had several liquor shots or a few bottles of beer....

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Watch What Happens When Two Grannies Drive a Lamborghini

Two grannies drove around town in a Lamborghini to run some errands.


Almost everyone stops and stares whenever beautiful, luxury cars drive by. Their sleek designs and powerful engines never fail to get people’s attention, even of those who are non-car enthusiasts.

Such automobiles are an object of envy. Men, in particular, wish to own one because it makes them feel young, strong, free, and powerful.

The Lamborghini is one of the fastest, most expensive cars in the world. It’s a symbol of fame and fortune; a vehicle that only celebrities and extremely wealthy individuals can afford. ...

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