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Man Asks Airplane Passengers To Help Him Propose To His Girlfriend At 35,000 Feet





Love is a wonderful thing, and the feeling can make you do spontaneous gestures of affection. Today, proposal videos are popular, with many couples being engaged in unexpected places – the beach, desert, tourist spots, or even malls. But, a man had a different thing in mind. He wants to propose to his long-time girlfriend at 35,000 feet.

The Italian couple, Stefano Inve and Vittoria Stabile, got engaged on an airplane where Stabile works. Stabile is a flight attendant for Emirates. She thought she was working a regular shift on board a flight from Rome to Dubai.

Little did she know that her boyfriend, Inve, had a special surprise that will surely melt the hearts of people in the flight and around the world.

This guy asked the help of his co-passengers to decorate the aisle for his proposal.

Inve asked the help of passengers on the airplane, as well as the colleagues of Stabile. With the help of everyone on the plane and without his girlfriend knowing, he decorated the plane with streamers, balloons, hearts, and red roses, so when his girlfriend boarded, she’d be in complete shock.

Passengers were holding cutouts of Inve's face.

As Stabile came out from behind the curtain and into the passenger cabin, she was surprised as soon as she saw the decorations. The passengers were also holding up cardboard cutouts of Inve over their faces.

As she walked down the aisle of the plane teary-eyed, she received red roses from the passengers.

Everyone was smiling and clapping as she walked past them.

At the end of the aisle, in the galley of the plane, an emotional and happy Inve was waiting for her. They shared a hug and he knelt down to propose.

Inve popped the big question and Stabile fought back tears as she nodded, "yes".

Emirates shared a video of the thrilling event on Instagram, saying:

“Love is in the air(plane). Watch our customer Stefano surprise his girlfriend and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria with a romantic inflight proposal, with some help from our cabin crew and passengers.”

True enough, love works in mysterious ways. Showing acts of love and affection come in many shapes and sizes. For this proposal, the man showed that anything is possible for the one you love. The video has since become viral, being viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

If you love someone, there’s no excuse. Showing your love can be done through simple or extravagant ways. But, the most important thing is, it’s genuine, true, and sincere.

Watch the heartwarming video below.

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