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Possible MH370 Plane Wreckage Full of Skeletons Found On A Remote Philippine Island

If the reports are true, the plane that mysteriously disappeared in March 2014 have finally been found.

Mark Andrew





If the latest reports are to be believed, it seems the Malaysia Airlines MH370 which mysteriously disappeared last March 8, 2014 has finally been found.

Last October 11, a report published on The Straits Times told about man and his nephew who claimed they discovered plane debris and human bones while bird hunting in Tawi Tawi, a province located in Mindanao, Philippines.


The skeleton was still seated on the pilot chair with a fastened seatbelt and they noticed a Malaysian flag painted on the side of the aircraft. They immediately alerted the local authorities about the wreckage.

Could this be the debris of the missing Malaysian MH370?


It can be remembered that the Malaysian MH370 went missing when it was over South China Sea just about less than an hour after it took off. The aircraft was strangely lost at the air traffic controllers’ radar screens.

malaysia-airlines-mh370 3

Photo credit: GETTY

Several countries offered help in locating the aircraft but all efforts proved futile despite doing surface and underwater searches as it was never found again. The said plane had 227 passengers and 12 crew members.

The plane and the human remains have allegedly been found in Tawi Tawi, Philippines.

malaysia-airlines-mh370 4

Photo credit: GETTY

State Commissioner Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman confirmed that they have indeed received reports about the possible discovery.

Rahman simply said:

“This matter is being investigated.”

Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation has likewise been informed about it and Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai commented:

“I have told the DCA to look into the report. We don’t know if the report is true, so we need to verify it first. Let’s not speculate and give space to the DCA to conduct its investigation.”


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Scientists Discover Himalayan Nose-less Monkey… That Sneezes!

A new entry for the record books.

Dondi Tiples



Here's a new one for the record books.

There are a lot of animal species in the world that surprise humans when they first encounter them. Like blind fish living in underground rivers, snakes that give birth even without any males of its kind around, and spiders that jump high in the air and somersault like pinwheels across burning desert sands.

Another eye-opener recently came to light when scientists and explorers in the Eastern Himalayas discovered one of the most significant mammal findings in several years. They've come upon a "noseless" monkey...that sneezes!

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If You Think Traffic is a Problem in Your City, then You Haven’t Seen this Traffic Jam in China

I wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of that nightmarish traffic jam!

Ann Nuñez



Rush hour traffic is the bane of a commuter's existence. Everyday, commuters have to face massive traffic jams in major thoroughfares, causing them stress even before they reach the workplace. What's worse is that aside from wasting our time waiting for the heavy traffic to subside, it costs us even more when we factor in the cost of gasoline and loss of productivity in our respective jobs.

It's almost impossible to find a major urban city without any traffic problems, but I bet when you see this traffic jam in China you'll never complain about heavy traffic again.

Watch the aerial video of this insane traffic jam in an expressway in China:

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Store Often Gets Robbed So The Owner Set Up The Ultimate Trap For Thieves

Needless to say, the burglar learned his lesson – the hard way!

Mark Andrew



One of the most disappointing parts of having your own business is that sometimes, you will be victimized by bad people such as shoplifters, muggers, and burglars.

I can say this based on experience since my mom used to run a small store in our neighborhood. And yep, we had our share of such unfortunate incidents. At one point, a burglar took not only some of our products but even the cash my mother kept on a small coin bank she hid somewhere. I can still remember how upset she seemed to be since I knew she was saving that for something.

As a young boy, my heart broke for her and I wished I could do something to help catch the criminal. My crime-fighting plans didn’t take off as expected though since I took a different career path. Still, watching the video below truly made me laugh a lot. I wish I was able to do that in our store!

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