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What Makes a Wife Fall in Love with Another Man?





It is generally believed that husbands are usually the first to be unfaithful in a marriage, and we have the statistics to back that up. That doesn’t mean, however, that wives don’t have straying eyes too.

When women are in a marriage where their needs aren’t met, some of them look elsewhere for it to be fulfilled. So for all the husbands out there reading this, take note of these telltale signs that your wife is falling out of love with you and may already be falling for another man.

Where’s the romance?


We’re not even talking about candlelit dinners in a rotating restaurant! Small gestures like a sweet note, some flowers, or cuddling while watching tv can reignite the romance and intimacy in your relationship and keep it alive.

Are you neglecting her?

 Are you neglecting her?

Even if you’re busy with work and caring for the kids, you need to also show your wife that you care about her. You can do this by helping her do most of her chores or by giving her a day to pamper herself. If you neglect her, she’s more likely to look for others who care about her.

Is she lonely?

Is she lonely?

Nothing will drive a woman into the arms of another faster than feeling lonely in a relationship.

Talk to your wife, have a real conversation that’s not about your responsibilities. Take some time off to go out and be around people as a couple. Everyone’s social meter needs to be replenished!

Do you take your anger out on her?

Do you take your anger out on her?

No one wants to be an emotional punching bag. Don’t abuse your wife’s patience by letting your anger out on her all the time. Instead, learn to control your anger and discuss your troubles using gentle words.

Are you supporting her?

Are you supporting her?

Source: Caters News

Every woman wants an identity outside of being someone’s wife. She’ll have a social life, hobbies, and other interests that you might not be a huge part of. Encourage her every step of the way, as this shows that you care enough about her to support her interests.

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