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‘Cursed’ Boy Has Head Permanently Lying on His Chest. Desperate Parents Prefer him Dead.





A 12-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh state in India is suffering from a mysterious crippling disease that has left him with a “twisted neck and a wasted body”.

The poor boy identified as Mahendra Ahirwar was born healthy, but started showing symptoms of the muscle-wasting disease when he turned three. Now, Mahendra’s extensor neck muscles is unable to support his head, causing his head to constantly lie on his chest or shoulder. Moreover, his limbs have also lost all muscle tissues taking much of his weight.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Mahendra’s father Mukesh Ahirwar, who works as a labourer to support his family of six is now pleading for help to have his son treated.

“Being poor doesn’t mean you leave your child to die but what can poor parents do,” Mukesh said.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

According to Mukesh, they have already sought the help of several doctors who were unable to diagnose Mahendra’s condition.

“Some doctors said he has polio, some say he has paralysis but no one has actually found the reason behind his condition.”


Photo credit: Mirror UK

In 2010, Mukesh saved enough money to bring Mahendra to New Delhi for treatment at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). However, his efforts proved to be futile as the doctors were not able to determine Mahendra’s condition.

Left with almost no money, they returned to their village.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

As for Mahendra, he dreams of finishing school, getting a job and finally settling down with his parents in a big city in India. But it seems that his dreams may have to wait until he finally gets the appropriate treatment for his mysterious disease.

The desperate parents of a boy whose head hangs at a 180-degree angle have admitted they would rather he died than continue to suffer.

“I cannot see him suffer anymore,” said Sumitra. “Watching his life is devastating. He cannot do anything by himself. He just sits in a corner of the room all day. It’s no life. I have to carry him like a baby everywhere but he is 12 years old, how will I carry him when he grows even older? If doctors cannot treat my son it is better that God takes him.”

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Sources: DailyMail, Mirror UK

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