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This Vending Machine In Singapore Dispenses Luxury Cars And Is The World’s Largest

It’s like looking at a Hot Wheels collection on a shelf – except the cars on display are real!






It looks like a shelf of Hot Wheels collectibles, but it’s not. It’s actually a vending machine of luxury cars — and one can find it in Singapore. The 15-story Autobahn Motors building in the country features supercar brands like Porsche, Bentleys and Ferraris and is dubbed as the largest luxury car vending machine in the world.

One can find modern luxury sports cars and even the classic ones. When a customer wants to see a particular car on display, they can just pick one out from a touchscreen monitor. The car will be retrieved and arrive in just a couple of minutes, all thanks to the advanced vehicle retrieval system.

The building is designed to make use of the space efficiently in a country where land is scarce. On top of that, ABM General Manager Gary Hong also said that the building should serve as a standout among the competition.

The Autobahn Motors in Singapore is the largest luxury car vending machine.

Source: ABM Sg
It can house up to 60 luxury supercars.

Source: ABM Sg
The building is designed to efficiently use space in a land-scarce country like Singapore.

Source: ABM Sg
The showroom displays cars from popular luxury brands like Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Porsche among others.

Customers can choose the car they want from a touchscreen display on the ground floor.

Source: ABM Sg
With its high-tech vehicle retrieval system, the desired car will be delivered in a couple of minutes.

Source: Covered Asia

According to Covered, prospect buyers are led to a cozy viewing gallery and a presentation area. The customer then picks his choice of car while being seated on a leather couch. Once the customer makes the choice, the gallery lights will be dimmed and the official promo video of the selected car will be played. Once the video ends, the lights then move toward the car that has just arrived.

That’s pretty neat!

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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