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These Incredible Couples Will Show You What #Vanlife Really Looks Like

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the world through the eyes of these eight astonishing couples who took their relationships and travels living the #vanlife.


Couples who live a, pretty much nomadic life, travelling and staying in a van can tell you so much about how the world should be seen in retrospect to how you’re used to seeing it on a daily basis. It also pretty much sums up how your relationships can be given that you both live every single day of your life in a cramped car.

Living in such a way may actually allow you to fulfill your craziest dreams seeing that you have everything simplified. The stories of these eight couples who traveled the world over in their vans have taught us that you don’t need so much to find happiness.

1 Victor & Eva from Barcelona

Inspiring Victor and Eva left Barcelona to work in San Francisco because they wanted to leave their comfort zones and do something different. They moved into their Dodge Ram in 2003 which they bought from a carpet cleaner. Upon restoration of the van, the couple ventured off to discover the West Coast. Victor works remotely as a software developer and Eva is an artist, using the nature as her inspiration.

2 Mitch and Cleo from Sydney

Sydney photographer Mitch Cox and girlfriend Cleo are living their lifelong dream in their very own self-made van. Cleo is working on her bikini brand, Covered by Cleo, as they both capture the perfect sunsets while living the van life.

This afternoon's view 👌🏻

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3 Greg and Michelle from New York

Greg Mills and his girlfriend Michelle, left Long Island to travel in an Arabella, a 1982 Turbo Diesel Vanagon. The photos they took together are so awesome, they will be displayed in an art gallery in New York City. They will also launch a book once they’re back in their hometown.

Night life.

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4 Adam and Emily from California

Adam, Emily, Coco and Sierra are a family of four who made a 12-month van life experiment sometime back and after three years, they are still traveling. The kids are road schooled and their travels have brought them all over South America!

5 Johnny and Jess from Byron Bay

Living the nomadic life for 13 years (and counting), this power couple is into surfing, books, films and music. They explore the country when Johnny’s band, Dusty Boots, isn’t on tour.

6 Dillon and Tessa from Alaska

Natives of Alaska, USA, Dillon and Tessa both share a passion for getting lost in the wild. These two have had quite an incredible trip and are planning to go to Ushuaia before heading back home to Arkansas.

Trying our best to hide from the wind and take in the austral stars.

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7 James and Rachel from Florida

For four years now, couple James and Rachel have been full time nomads, living in their yellow van, Sunshine. They make money out of video production and harvesting fruits. They have also visited 50 states, and have captured the beauty of National parks and monuments which people have come to love.

8 Mat and Danielle from Ottawa

Dreaming of a simpler life, Mat and Danielle sold all of their assets, bought an Econoline and started traveling. They focus on minimalism, positive thinking and healthy living. They also live off on an annual budget of $18,000 for the both of them.

9 Corey and Emily from New England

They live in their Boscha, a white Vanagon, for over 3 years now. Corey and Emily were among the first van dwellers to share their life on the road. They’ve been traveling across US with their dog Penny Rose and live off gigs being mountain bike guides to designing websites.

Majority of people say that if you truly want to know your partner, you have to travel with them. Living the van life is one sure way of finding out if your significant other is a keeper.


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