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Hilarious Fart Guide Is Must Read For Couples Who Share A Bed





Living with a new partner can be truly exciting but it also has its downsides. For one, how would you deal with the need to pass gas while sharing a bed? An artist has hilariously illustrated a Fart Guide that every couple must read. Whether you are just starting a new relationship or already at the stage where you have an offspring, there is something here just for you.

Weng Chen is the artist behind The Adventures of Messy Cow comics and she knows what it’s like to be faced with the dilemma of flatulence between couples. Chen has illustrated an awesome Fart Guide showing seven different ways to cut the cheese when you are sleeping in the same bed as your partner. She even listed the pros and cons of each method although we wouldn’t recommend #7.

Get ready for the hilarious Fart Guide!

Source: Messy Cow

Let’s start off with the proper way to let one rip without disturbing your partner. This method can even let you practice dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

#1. The Right Way

Source: Messy Cow

But what if it’s too cold to leave the bed? You can always try the second method.

#2. The Convenient Way

Source: Messy Cow

Not interested in moving too much but still worried about waking your partner? Method #3 could be the one for you.

#3. The Lazy Way

Source: Messy Cow

There is also an even lazier option in the Fart Guide.

#4. The A–hole Way

Source: Messy Cow

There are so many pros and cons in the fifth method. Of course, you’ll have to consider whether you still want to be in a relationship or not.

#5. The Catastrophic Way

Source: Messy Cow

The Fart Guide also has something for pet owners and couples with small children.

#6. The Shifty Way

Source: Messy Cow

Are you ready for the final method? This one is a real stinker, no pun intended. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

#7. The Legendary Way

Source: Messy Cow

The Fart Guide is just one of Chen’s hilarious illustrations that will have you rolling with laughter. Check out more of the artist’s funny comics or follow her on Twitter @messycow.

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