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Adorable Little Girl Interrupts Ceremony to Give a Warm Hug to Her Dad

This adorable little sweet girl decided that she cannot wait anymore to give her dad a warm hug!

A simple hug can make anyone’s day, and a daughter just made her dad’s day when she saw him during a homecoming ceremony in Colorado.

Lieutenant Daniels Oglesby was assigned for more than eight months in Southwest Asia. Cara, his daughter, was so excited to see him that she could not resist giving him a hug even before the ceremony finished. Oglesby, who was excited to see his daughter as well, was not able to contain himself from returning his daughter’s embrace. He bent down and hugged her to assure her that he would be with them after the presentation.

Yes, the warm hug broke their formation, but the touching gesture the cute little girl did stole everybody’s heart.

When Cara saw her dad, she came running towards him.


Her equally excited dad bent down to return the warm hug.


After Cara got to hug her dad, she ran back to her mom and sister.


Watch the heartwarming video here:

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What an adorable little sweet girl!


H/T: USA Today


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This granddad is The Man.

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