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4-Year-Old Flower Girl’s Surprise Kiss Steals the Spotlight at Mom’s Wedding

That’s definitely one priceless wedding moment captured on photo!


Wedding photographers are supposed to capture the newlywed’s shining moment. But a four-year-old flower girl from Tennessee gave photographer Leah Bullard a far more interesting subject to photograph.

Four-year-old Anderson was the flower girl on her mom Michelle Hall’s wedding at Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday when she decided to steal the spotlight from her mother’s big day.

The adorable little girl unknowingly photobombed Hall and Anthony Palmer’s wedding photo as she planted a kiss on the ring bearer on the exact moment Bullard captured the photo.

Apparently, Anderson had been calling herself  the “bride” the entire day. When Bullard asked the bride and the groom to kiss, the little girl automatically went for the unscripted smooch.

“[I] asked the bride and groom to kiss. Since Anderson had been calling herself the bride the whole day, she assumed I was referring to her and went in for a kiss. It was a memorable moment that had everyone in tears laughing.”


Photo credit: Leah Bullard

Speaking to Huffington Post, Bullard said. “It’s the perfect example as to why I love my job. Freezing moments in time such as this, so that families can relive a moment over and over for years to come.”

Source: Bored Panda


Two Filipinas’ Jaw Dropping Rendition of Flashlight is Pitch Perfect!

Aside from earned $69.2 Million after the release of the final box office numbers, Pitch Perfect 2 definitely kept its viewers and fans afloat. Thanks to these new divas, many are still A ca-mazed!

Garnering $69.2 Million after the release of the final box office numbers, Pitch Perfect 2 has definitely kept its viewers and fans into high. And if you happen to be an a cappella fan then you will definitely be in the loop of this rendition of its banner song “Flashlight” even more popularized by Jessie J!

Much as many versions have flooded Youtube and Vimeo, these two Filipinas have definitely topnotched other interpretations with their own bold yet hippy style. Meet Philippines’ new buddy divas Katrina Velarde and Monique Lualhati who belted out Jessie J’s “Flashlight”, their cover quickly went viral gathering more than 1 million Views in just 24 Hours.

Watch their performance:

Now that’s what good music is all about!

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People On The Beach React To Poop Stain On Woman’s Bikini Bottom

She asked for random people to put sunscreen on her but when she turned around, uh-oh, poop stain alert!

A little kindness goes a long way and with simple acts, we can be of great help to a person or two. It is not uncommon for individuals to ask for help in applying sunscreen all over their back. It is also a good way to make friends and have a nice, little chat. But what if your little act of kindness lead you to a very awkward situation?

Take this video prank for example. A girl asks for random people to apply sunscreen on her back, after she puts on a spot of chocolate syrup on the rear portion of her bikini bottom, which looks like a poop stain! The reaction of the people are varied -- some look really disgusted while others are utterly straightforward! Either way, they are all hilarious!

Watch the video here:

What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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Fake Marine Busted For Stolen Valor After a Retiree Spotted Him at a Graduation Ceremony

A man dons on a Marine Corps uniform at the graduation of his new girlfriend’s son. Trying to impress?

Army, Air Force and Marine uniforms, amongst many others, are testaments to the unconditional love that our modern-day heroes have for the country. They train hard, travel far and sacrifice themselves for the good of the nation. Donning on their great uniform is more than a sign of prestige, it is a symbol of the noble things they've done. It takes sweat, blood and genuine patriotism to deserve the honor of wearing those uniforms.

But in this video we found online, a distasteful man proudly wears a Marines Corps uniform at the graduation of his new girlfriend's son at Noblesville High School in Noblseville, Indiana. Good thing, a retired marine named Brandyn Skaggs, was present at that time and he spotted in an instant how wrongfully the man was donning the suit.

“I just immediately knew, it didn’t take long to know he was a fake and it wouldn’t take any Marine longer than five seconds to know that was a fake,” Skaggs told ABC. “You can see the medals are misplaced right there, misplaced all over the place, first of all he has two of the same medal right there.”

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