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Little Boy Decides to Shave His Eyebrows, Gets a Quirky Makeover





It is true that a child’s curiosity knows no boundaries. They try new things out of curiosity and without thinking of the consequences. Case in point – this kid who decided to shave his eyebrows for no apparent reason.

In a video posted on Facebook, a kid was being reprimanded by his mother for shaving his brows. After telling the child of the possible dangers and injuries he could have brought upon himself for using a razor, the mom decided to give the young boy a punishment he wouldn’t forget for a long time – by drawing hideously-shaped eyebrows.

Watch the little boy’s reaction when he saw his newly-drawn eyebrows:

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Now that’s a memorable punishment! The punishment may have been amusing or funny even, but let us remember the takeaway message from this situation – always remember to hide or put things which can cause serious damage or injury out of reach of inquisitive children.

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