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Little Boy Decides to Shave His Eyebrows, Gets a Quirky Makeover

Now that’s a memorable punishment!


It is true that a child’s curiosity knows no boundaries. They try new things out of curiosity and without thinking of the consequences. Case in point – this kid who decided to shave his eyebrows for no apparent reason.

In a video posted on Facebook, a kid was being reprimanded by his mother for shaving his brows. After telling the child of the possible dangers and injuries he could have brought upon himself for using a razor, the mom decided to give the young boy a punishment he wouldn’t forget for a long time – by drawing hideously-shaped eyebrows.

Watch the little boy’s reaction when he saw his newly-drawn eyebrows:

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Now that’s a memorable punishment! The punishment may have been amusing or funny even, but let us remember the takeaway message from this situation – always remember to hide or put things which can cause serious damage or injury out of reach of inquisitive children.


Angry Mom Discovers ‘Drugs’ In Daughter’s Room, Gets Embarrassed To Find Out What It Is

I seriously couldn’t stop laughing! Poor mom LOL!

Parents, how would you feel if you suddenly discover something suspicious in your child’s bedroom? Would you panic? Would you be angry? Would you confront your kid right away?

A mother from Texas recently had such an experience while she was searching for a calculator in her 16-year-old daughter’s room. As you can see on the text message thread posted below, Ashley Bank requested her mom to get a black calculator from her drawer.

Her mother, however, found some colorful capsules in a plastic bag. She immediately got alarmed about the discovery and thought they were drugs. Things took a hilarious turn from there though and we couldn’t help but crack up with what transpired next.

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17 Funny Photos That Show Optimism At Its Finest

Now there goes a good reminder. LOL!

A well-known Winston S. Churchill quote tells us that “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity” while “an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

These days, the virtue of optimism is indeed a necessity to survive in a world that’s increasingly growing negative. So although having a positive attitude is sometimes frowned at and ridicule by some, maintaining a brighter view in life can help you overcome obstacles and weather the storms.

Still, there are times when such an attitude comes, well, a bit misplaced – and it can get really hilarious.

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15 Of The Most Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers You Will Ever See

#9 is a winner. LOL!

Cakes, by tradition, are always the star of celebrations – perhaps most especially during wedding receptions. If you will notice, wedding cakes are typically huge and they come with attractive, intricate designs.

Unfortunately though, cake toppers are usually considered a last-minute thought and so a nice cake sometimes ends up with a boring, traditional topper featuring a groom and a bride.

There are instances though when some couples go the extra mile and come up with hilarious, fun cake toppers that totally steal the show.

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