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The First Thing You See In This Image Says Something About Your Personality





Remember those fun personality tests we see on social media? We’ve got one for you right now and you might want to take a look. You know, just for fun!

We got this one from RunWonder and this shows an image that seemingly reveals something about your personality. Go check it out below and see if you agree with the results.

What’s the first thing you look as you look at this illustration – is it the lips, the trees, or the roots?

Now on to the interpretations for each one:

The Lips

Source: Pexels

If you first spotted the lips, the website says that you are a “simple and quiet person.” You are someone who prefers a non-complicated life plus you’re very a flexible individual, often going with the flow.

Likewise, you are a wise person with good intentions, even “naive” at times. You value honesty. You are also strong and you know how to deal with your problems without seeking help most of the time.

The Trees

Source: Pexels

Meanwhile, you are possibly an extrovert if you first saw the trees. Although you are polite, you are not the type that can be easily pushed around by others. You give importance to what other people think of you. It’s hard to get your trust and that’s why you seek sincere people as your close friends. You are strong and mysterious so you know how to hide your emotions if necessary.

The Roots

Source: Pexels

Last but not the least, you are likely an introvert if you noticed the roots first. You know when you’re wrong and you don’t mind getting constructive criticism. You are full of wisdom and “incredibly disciplined” that’s why you often achieve your goals. You live by your morals and are very responsible. You sometimees have self-esteem issues but you survive because you’re diligent and independent.