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She Thought it was Just a Parody of the Song ‘Rude’ by Magic. She Never Saw this Coming!





I’ve watched tons of proposal videos already, but without exaggeration this video here is probably the best. Fortunately, thousands of netizens also seem to agree. It’s clever, classy, funny, sweet, and beautiful.

It took almost six months for 23-year-old Aussie man Liam Cooper to film and prepare this proposal video for long time girlfriend, Amy Smith. And where else can he show this wonderfully executed clip? Of course, in a cinema. What seemed to be a normal movie date for the couple turned into a comedy/romance film for all the audience there to see.

Liam excused himself after the movie and said he needed to go to the bathroom. While he was out, the video started playing on the widescreen. Amy must have thought that it was just a parody of the song “Rude” by Magic, but it was definitely something else—it was something more special.

I don’t want to spoil much anymore. Just know that it was a great music video/proposal that got Amy (and the rest of their friends) into tears as she said “Yes” to Liam.

Watch this cool video:

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H/T: Viral4real, Liam Cooper

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