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Here’s How Easy it is to Make Tasty, Fancy Leopard Printed Bread for Holidays!





When you eat bread, what would you think of? Is it the usual good smelling slightly white bread? Was it Chewy? Soft? Crusty? Or extra ordinary?

Is there anything we can think of aside from the basic and common loaf of nice bread? We can definitely make it look more interesting and fancy by being more imaginative and creative in things we do.

A leopard printed bread was blogged by a Malaysian housewife named Sonia in her food blog Nasi Lemak Lover. It may look tricky and complicated at first nevertheless she carefully explains the steps in making this bread so it can easily be followed. This is suitable especially for Holiday gatherings and giveaways!

Great thanks to the internet for this recipe and for the creativeness of Asia cooking and baking. This bread is one of a kind because it looks like an ordinary bread until you cut it and be amazed to see the leopard prints inside.


Photo credit: nasilemaklover

Let’s get started.

#1. Make three colors of dough (white, brown, dark brown) to make the print look well defined and perfect


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#2. Round each of the dough colors in to small (dark brown dough), medium (brown dough), large (white dough) shaped balls


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#3. Flatten the balls by rolling it to an oval shape


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#4. As seen in the picture, Use the dark brown dough to wrap the brown dough. The brown dough must be wrapped inside the dark brown dough.


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#5. And then wrap it inside the white dough. Basically, it is casing the dough in tubes.


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#6. Form all the dough tubes in the pan


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#7. Elongate the dough tubes carefully


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#8. And then cut evenly to maintain the preciseness of leopard print


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#9. Put the dough in the pan as shown in the photo


Photo credit: nasilemaklover
#10. Preheat your oven and bake it.


Photo credit: nasilemaklover

It looks like an ordinary bread outside but stylish inside.

Here’s your fancy surprise and tasty leopard bread!


Photo credit: nasilemaklover


Photo credit: nasilemaklover

Did you find it appetizing? Would you love to try this at home and share this awesome bread with your friends?

H/T: Lifebuzz, nasilemaklover

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