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Cruel Locals Filmed Riding On The Back Of Endangered Turtle in Indonesia




  • A viral video taken in Indonesia made rounds on the internet lately.
  • The clip showed several people on the beach riding the back of a distressed leatherback turtle.
  • According to WWF, these turtles are vulnerable and are considered endangered.

A disturbing footage recently went viral in social media where we see several people riding on the back of a poor sea turtle. Not surprisingly, the clip has sparked anger from netizens everywhere.

According to reports, the incident happened in Indonesia’s Asukweri beach. The leatherback turtle was spotted crawling to the area to lay an egg. But alas, young and adult locals took turns getting on the animals back.

This leatherback sea turtle has been treated cruelly by locals at Asukweri Beach in Indonesia.

The viral video shows a man sitting on the turtle’s back while people around him just simply looked over. Later on, another guy carried a kid onto it, joining someone else who was munching on a snack while on top of the turtle. As if all that wasn’t enough, a man wearing was also seen then holding its flippers and then standing on them.

To make matters worse, leatherback turtles are considered endangered species.

Leatherback turtles are the biggest turtle species and they can grow to about 8.9 feet. Despite their size, however, they remain to be vulnerable to different types of danger – especially to plastic bags thrown in the oceans, which they eat, thinking they are jellyfish.

In a post in their official website, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) also indicated that while these turtles have “survived” for millions of years, they are now currently “facing extinction” as their population have continuously declined.

You can watch the video here:

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Netizens took it to social media to express their displeasure towards what happened. For example, a YouTube user wrote:

“Just shows how many people lack common sense. No respect. No morals, raising their young to be just as ignorant as they are.”

As of this writing, authorities have yet to make a statement about the incident.

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