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Lazy Horse Pretends to be Dead Whenever People Try to Ride Him

  • A lazy horse has figured out a truly clever way to avoid doing his chores.
  • The hilarious stallion would dramatically fall down and pretend to be dead whenever someone tries to ride him.
  • The equine drama queen even gives a convincing performance that would make any Hollywood actor a run for his money.

Who would have thought that horses could be such drama queens? A lazy horse is going out of his way to avoid being ridden. The dramatic pony would pretend to fall dead whenever someone tries to ride him.

Jingang is a horse unlike any other. While other stallions don’t mind being ridden, Jingang prefers to be left alone. This is why he has developed an unusual habit of falling dead in his tracks when someone attempts to get on his back. Not surprisingly, people are loving Jingang’s antics and he has already gained thousands of fans.

Jingang knows how to avoid being ridden

A compilation of Jingang’s dramatic collapses was posted on Facebook and it’s already getting thousands of views. This is because the lazy horse doesn’t just pretend to fall down. He even acts as though he has actually passed away complete with rolling eyes and a half-open mouth.

Look at the cheeky drama queen!

Jingang is truly a gifted actor who is so convincing that even his fellow horses get confused when they see him on the ground. Luckily, it doesn’t look like the other horses have learned Jingang’s tricks.

A fellow horse wonders if they should follow Jingang’s trick.

Not surprisingly, people are loving Jingang’s drama queen ways and are pointing out how they can relate with the lazy horse. Some claim that Jingang represents how they feel when it’s Monday.

On the other hand, some think that the horse was trained to fall on command and that the whole thing is a stunt. Either way, Jingang is an animal celebrity to watch out for.

Watch Jingang’s dramatic performances below:
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