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The Land of A Thousand Stray Dogs Is The Perfect Place For The Dog Lovers

Land of the stray dogs? More like, “Land of the Good Boys/Girls!”

Mark Lester Celozar





For the dog lovers out there, have you ever wondered how it would feel to be surrounded by hundreds of man’s best friend? Would you ever believe if someone tells you that there’s a land filled to the brim with a thousand stray dogs?

Somewhere in Costa Rica, there is a place called Territorio de Zaguates. This place is a rescue facility, and it is a no-kill dog shelter that currently harbors roughly around 970 stray dogs.

The place is located an hour drive from downtown San Jose.

The shelter is able to harbor the astounding number of dogs because of its size. Famed for its 378 acres of tropical mountain land, the shelter is the perfect haven for the poor stray dogs looking for a helping hand and a place to live in.

Excited dogs running around their safe haven.

Dogs chasing a drone, eager to prove who’s the real good boy.

Drinking from the water troughs after getting tired from running around.

A volunteer caretaker sharing a quiet moment with the dogs.

Taking some time to rest during their daily walk.

Taking a quick rest on their way back. Feeding time is almost there!

Running around with their human pal.

Taking a dip ain’t a bad idea.

A volunteer carrying one-eared Safira.

This is Martillo, just chilling under the warm sun.

Bath time!

Meet Tomby, one of the stray dogs you’ll meet there.

Safira, the one-eared dog is adorable.

Martillo wandering around the dog graveyard.

The great news is that aside from the caretakers, there are also frequent volunteers making sure that the stray dogs are getting the right amount of attention they deserve. Dan Giannopoulos, a British photographer and a self-proclaimed dog lover currently living in Nicaragua, explained:

To look out and see hundreds of dogs running across the field was completely breathtaking to me. I’ve never seen anything like it.

According to Giannopoulos, the dogs were all friendly and well-behaved. He even shared one of his experiences where a Labrador with a paralyzed leg followed him around for a whole day while he took some pictures. During his departure, the adorable lab followed him all the way to the gate, seemingly saying goodbye as he finally got into the taxi.

So, if you’re a certified dog lover, this place should be included in your bucket list.

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Canadian Angler Finds Grisly-Looking Fish That Grew Inside Dumped Plastic Wrapper

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Donna Marie Padua



An angler from Alberta is reminding people how garbage can destroy bodies of water and the animals that live in them after catching a fish that grew around a plastic wrapper. He shared bizarre photos of the fish on social media which were caught by thousands of people.

Adam Turnbull has a deep passion for fishing and has been catching fish all around Alberta almost every day. However, it is the first time that Adam saw a fish with a severely deformed body for living inside a Powerade drink wrapper. He told in a news interview:

“I was fishing at Strathcona Park when I hooked the fish…It fought like every other fish and then I saw the wound.”

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Donna Marie Padua



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A rescue dog named Rumpelstiltskin, who ate his owner, finally gets recognition for his survival instincts. His new owner, Tyfanee believes that he is the best dog in the world so she puts her in the Facebook page, DogSpotting, to receive that love that he deserves.

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Scientists from Japan, Mongolia, and the United States have been working on finding the remains of this prehistoric reptile since 2006, which at that time paleontologist Buuvei Mainbayar discovered the fossil in the said desert.

Researchers said that the winged terror had a 36-foot wingspan.

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