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Penguin Wears A Backpack and Walks To The Fish Market Everyday To Fetch Dinner





Okay, we’ve seen different types of animals walking down the street and entering houses or commercial establishments. We become amazed especially when it involves animals that you normally wouldn’t expect to see walking around the city.

So imagine what your reaction will be if you see this adorable penguin in Japan WEARING A BACKPACK and walking to a fish store to FETCH DINNER.


Lala the King Penguin used to live in the Antarctic and was reportedly rescued by a fisherman after he got trapped in a fishing line. The fisherman’s family took him in and made him their pet. Lala now resides in their home and even has his own air-conditioned room!

Yep, it’s real, and right now, I badly want to get a penguin as a pet and feed him all the sardines and mackerel that his little heart desires!

Watch the video here:

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