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Mexico’s La Gruta Is A Unique Cave Restaurant

It’s a food paradise nestled inside a volcanic cave.






A trip to Mexico is incomplete if you will not partake of delicious and rare Mexican cuisines. Besides, Mexico is known as a mecca of food and adventure, and of tequilas and margaritas!

In Teotihuacan, a place famous for the Mesoamerican pyramids which were built during the pre-Columbian-American period, there is a unique restaurant that offers a different dining experience – the La Gruta or the Cave Restaurant.

La Gruta was established in 1906.

Serving tourists for more than a century, La Gruta serves Pre-Hispanic and Mexican foods.

The price is a bit higher compared to traditional restaurants, but remember you are paying an extra for the unique experience of dining underground.

Customers often say the ambiance is remarkable.

The place is literally cool!

It is the best place to relax while waiting for your meals after checking out nearby pyramids and other sights.

The rustic and simple setting of this restaurant with multi-colored chairs is so Instagram-worthy!

And if you are wondering why there are lighted candles everywhere, they are placed on the rocks not just for the aesthetic reason but because the place is also a semi-underground grotto.

Most importantly, the food is amazing.

The menu is packed with delicious meals and beverages. While in there, you definitely should try their famous escamoles!

Escamole is made of edible pupae and larvae of ants.

Mainly harvested from the roots of the Agave plants, this famous dish dates back to the Aztecs age and is definitely one of the must-taste foods when you visit Mexico. It tastes a bit nutty and buttery, similar to cottage cheese.

And of course, don’t forget to order a big platter of tamale and taco. Speaking of which, the restaurant serves fried cricket tacos!

La Gruta is just a 10-minute walk from Gate 5, outside the Botanical Garden and the back right side of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Just cross the street when you exit, turn left and go to the first right.

Keep walking along the road until you see the sign that points to the La Gruta. La Gruta closes at 5:00 P.M.

Watch this video to see more of this amazing place:

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